Thursday, April 16, 2015

Catching Up On Memories

Let's catch up with what we have been up to lately. Last week Nathan had a scope done to find a fix for his recurring stomach pains and reflux. We had to be at the hospital at 6:00 a.m.! That was not ideal, especially with small children. But, luckily we worked it out and got there all on time. His scope showed he has gastritis and no ulcers (thankfully) so he started him on a new medicine and that is working great so far! The whole Nathan on drugs experience was quite amusing. Once he finally woke up (he slept for over an hour after the procedure) he would wake up and the doze back off over and over again and each time he would ask me "what did the doctor say". Then the doctor and nurse both kept saying how he was not allowed to drive at all that day, he kept saying how he was going to work that afternoon like he never heard them. The nurse told him to gradually work up to his normal diet and to start with liquids and he looked at me at said "we are going to Coltons when we leave here". Then while the nurse was rubbing his belly checking for pain, he told her his back was hurting and wanted to know if she could rub that next. He kept me laughing for a while. I finally got him home and after a nap he was "with it" again and I got to tell him what the doctor said one final time :) Unfortunately, he returned the 17 missed calls he got during his procedure while he was still loopy and had little memory of it so he had to re-call all of those people. It was a memorable day :)

Our Disney World trip is getting closer and closer and all the last minute things are coming together. We got our travel documents and magic bands in the mail. We also got an awesome gift (personalized embroidered bag) and a $50 Disney gift card and I won a $100 Disney gift card from the travel agency we used. If you are planning a Disney vacation I must highly recommend Pixie Vacations! Our agent Rachel has been great and beyond helpful! (Click here for a link to her Facebook Page) She has made sure we have all our reservations made and everything we need. Plus - all their services are totally free! You cannot beat a free knowledgeable planner with all sorts of awesome extras! Noah still doesn't know we are going to Disney World - I plan to tell him the day before we leave and record it - I hope he is excited as I have it in my head he will be!

We have become quite the ball field family lately. Noah plays at least once a week and usually practices once a week too. If I ever ask him if he wants to go to t-ball practice or games he always says "no". But, then once we get there he has so much fun running around, playing with the other kids, and playing ball some too. I am not sure if he will ever love baseball, I hope he does, but am fine with it if he doesn't. But, I am glad he is getting to know some kids that he will be going to kindergarten with soon - that way there will be some familiar faces in school for him since no kids his age go to his daycare. He is getting better with his ball skills each time he plays too, and I think that will help him like it more - he is not a fan of doing things if he thinks he isn't good at them. He is a fan of playing in the dirt however so Momma had to strike a deal with him that is working good so far. He gets $1 for every inning he doesn't play in the dirt to spend at "Dollar City" (what he calls Dollar Tree) - he didn't play in the dirt at all last game! Ryan has also been 1000% better this year while watching Noah's games. I am actually getting to watch 75% of the games. As long as she has some snacks and her chair she is good :)

Noah now runs holding two fingers out on each hand - he says that is how a T-Rex runs and they are fast :)

Noah's #1 Fan :)
We have also been having some family fun together lately - playing in  bubbles outside, going on walks, and Noah even got to go roller skating for the first time! He insists it was ice skating :)


Noah's first time skating!

Well, that catches up my memories for now :)

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