Monday, May 5, 2014

Busy With Nothing to Do :)

Saturday we did nothing but read books, watch movies, put puzzles together, make pizzas, put train tracks together, take care of baby dolls, and have a fake food picnic :) Then our friend NaKeshia came over for Magic Mike and Italian food - a great end to a perfect day!

Sunday we had church and then I worked in the church nursery while Nathan took the kids to have chips and dip with my mom and brothers kids. Then they came back and picked me up and we went to the court square for a benefit for some awesome people! We had spaghetti and Noah bounced for an hour straight while Ryan walked for an hour straight. It was not too hot in the shade - it was nice.

We then went home for Ryan to nap and Noah to shoot his BB gun with Daddy while I cleaned the porch.

It was really nice to have no where to be and nothing to do but also be busy all weekend.

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  1. Busy doing nothing is the time when some of the BEST memories are made! Your kiddos are getting so big! I've enjoyed watching them grow!