Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend!

Nathan and I went to Springfield, MO Friday through Sunday with our friends Scooter and Tamer to race his car at the Ozark Raceway Park. We were supposed to leave at 11:00, we ended up leaving about 4:00. That is pretty much how the whole weekend went as far as racing. Nathan's car had parts broken the night before we left so that delayed us leaving. Then when we go to leave Nathan's truck started leaking power steering fluid and the breaks were smoking (they got it fixed enough so we could drive it anyway and it made it - Thank God!). We forgot water and had to stop and get some for his car - Nathan dropped 2 of the jugs and busted them on the way to the truck. Our navigation took us on the scenic route to the track. We got there and they were already running the first time trial of Nathan's class. The laptop for the car would not come on so we had to borrow one. They called the second round of Nathan's class so fast that they barely had time to get it over to the track to run it. The car was running the same as it did without nitrous - I don't know much about cars, but I knew that was not right. We ended up staying at the track until 12:00 a.m. and then had to drive back to town to eat and find a hotel. After stopping at 5 hotels, we finally found a room - it wasn't the nicest room, but at 2:00 a.m. we didn't care! The next day we got up and ate breakfast and had to go buy some heating pads for his nitrous bottle because his bottle heater quit working. Well, the heating pads didn't work either. Then, he made the third round of qualifying. But, before we could do the fourth round, it started raining. So, after about a 2 hour rain delay they started back up again. He got his fourth round done and then we had to wait for the bracket for his class to see who he raced first. He said the guy he was racing was a lot faster so he was going to have to do everything right to beat him - and he did! He then beat the second guy he raced too! Things were starting to turn around for our "everything going wrong" weekend but then it happened again. I was waiting to record the race down the track and the guy that Nathan was supposed to race pulled up and they announced he would be getting to go straight to the finals because his opponent couldn't make it. Nathan's starter (that he just had fixed, by the way) quit working. So, he was done. He got 4th place - and he was happy with that. Even with all this stuff going wrong - I watched him still smile and have fun the whole time. It is what he loves to do. I cannot imagine how happy he would be if everything went right for him!

On Sunday, we got back later than we intended, but still made it to my family reunion in time to see some family and Noah got to play with his cousins and build a sand castle (his favorite part). We then went home where Nathan and Ryan took naps and Noah and I played (it really shows which kid is like which parent at nap time) :)

Monday we went to the park with our church and let the kids play on the playground and swing set. We then went to Wal-Mart to get some stuff to grill and headed home. Once again, Nathan and Ryan napped while Noah and I played :) Nathan mowed the yard and I cleaned house and we ended the day with burgers on the grill.

It was a life-filled weekend - my favorite kind!

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