Thursday, May 22, 2014

Noahsaurus turned 4!

It is no secret Noah is obsessed with dinosaurs. He insists he will be a paleontologist when he grows up and knows anything you want to know about them all. So, when figuring out the theme for his 4th birthday party there was no question - dinosaurs! We had the party at a local farm that has a barn they rent out for parties with a petting zoo, bounce houses, and train rides. It is such a neat place to have locally. The weather on party day wasn't the best but we made the most of it. It only actually rained on us once - and that of course was while we were all on the train ride :) Luckily none of us melted! Noah initially wanted a volcano cake that actually erupted - well after talking it over with our cake lady we decided it would be best to do a separate volcano from the cake - we were afraid the lava would leak into the cake and make it inedible. So, I found Noah a little volcano and we made it erupt a few times at home and he was SO excited - it was so cute. So, we took it to his party and he yelled for everyone to come watch. Well, the volcano erupted and it wasn't as good of an eruption as we had at home - Noah was still exited, but I think his guests were confused as to what the big deal was - but they were good sports for Noah :)

We had to do the party a few days before Noah's actual birthday so we wanted to do a little something on his birthday for him too. His birthday fell on a Wednesday and we usually go eat at Nathan's parents house every Wednesday so instead we all met at the park for pizza. Noah wanted red dot (pepperoni) pizza for his birthday because that is what the Ninja Turtles eat :) So, after work I went and got Noah and took him to his birthday sign at the hotel here in town. Then home to open all his presents from me and Nathan then to the park. He and Ryan played hard at the park with their cousin Paxton - mud, dirt, rocks, flowers, slides, swings, jungle gym, puddles - they were in heaven! We sang Happy Birthday to Noah one last time and he blew out his candle. When we were walking out of the park Noah said "bye birthday - see you when I am five" :)

I'm 4!

Presents from Momma and Daddy :)

A few Noah facts to look back on:

Noah loves to watch tv, play computer games, read books, do puzzles - but most of all play outside! He will gather up sticks and rocks for hours. He has the same breakfast every day (cereal bar, fruit pouch, and a banana) and his favorite dinner foods are popcorn chicken, pizza, mashed potatoes, chips, green beans and most of all chicken and rice! He will eat 3 plates of it at a time. Noah is not much for sweets - he rarely eats any junk food other than some chips or a chocolate chip cookie on occasion. Noah is the sweetest boy and doesn't like to pick favorites. We call him our little politician because no matter what we ask him trying to get him to pick a favorite person for something or toy for something he always says "I like everyone" or "everyone is the best" or "I love all my toys". Noah is the funniest kid I know and I never know what is going to come out of his sweet mouth. Lately he keeps saying "are you thinking what I'm thinking?" and "I won't let you down mom" :) He loves his sister and is constantly hugging her and helping take care of her. He really is a good kid 90% of the time and the other 10% doesn't last long and is usually from lack of nap. I can't wait to continue to watch him grow and learn each day - he is truly a blessing to us all!

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