Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Break 2014

Since I am not a teacher and my kids are not in school yet, we don't really do much breaking on Spring Break. I let the kids sleep in an extra hour each day as a treat - for both me and them. I did a little spring cleaning - here are a few before and afters, nothing big, but made a big difference in the space.


After - amazing what a shoe rack can do to the entry way
(I am embarrassed to even post this, but this is what the corner of our laundry room had come to!
Ridiculous! Lots of "I will just put that here and deal with it later" all came together.)

After! It is amazing how much better you feel to get things back to being organized!
We have made a trip to the zoo every Spring Break for years now. We usually stay in a hotel and do a few other fun things too, but we just made a quick trip this time. We were missing some of the family this year due to joint custody, so it was just me and my family, my mom and 2 of my nephews. When we first got out of the car, it was SO windy and I was worried about the weather. Then we got up to the gate and the line was the longest I have ever seen it, but it was misleading because they only had 3 windows open to take tickets and each family was about 5 of those people so when one person bought a ticket, the whole line would move up at least 5 people. So, Nathan waited in line for about 20 minutes while I took the kids for a walk around.
Waiting on Daddy to buy zoo tickets :)
Ready to see the animals!
First things first - we had to ride the carousel! This was Noahs first time to ride without me standing beside him - Daddy insisted he was big enough - I was still nervous though.

Ryan is very mobile now and likes to walk more than ride in her stroller, and Noah gets tired of walking/running after a while so I invested in the seated wagon for the kids to use at the zoo and other outings we have. They loved it! Ryan would cry sometimes when I would put her in it, but as soon as we took off, she was fine again. She looked like a queen being catered around - it was hilarious!

Queen Ryan :)

This is the look Ryan always gives Christian - she apparently wants him dead ;)

Cousins :)

Love this :)

Big girl was walking everywhere!

Daddy and his babies :)
We had a good time - and I am happy to go so the kids can experience it, but once a year is enough for sure :) (Oh, and I promise I was there even if there is no picture proof - I am always the photographer)

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