Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Noah's 1st T-ball Practice!

The day we have been looking forward to finally came - Noah's first t-ball practice! I really think I was just as excited as Noah was! I couldn't wait for the day to be over so I could pick him up and put his cute little cleats on him and take him to the field :)

All ready for practice!

Noah walked right out on the field and told the coach "I am Noah Atlee Stillwell and I am playing t-ball"! He went out in the outfield to practice catching and throwing first. He is descent at catching - they were all grounders of course and he was good at stopping them, but pretty much decided diving or falling on the ball every time was the best method to stop the ball :) Then half of the time he would try to throw it back while still down on the ground! He was throwing it good overhanded for a while when he wasn't laying on the ground, but the kid beside him was throwing it underhanded so Noah was copying that after a while. He came running in after they were done and yelled "momma, I did weally good, but I fell down a little"  - ha! I would say so!

Cheering Noah on - she kept saying "Woah, Woah" :)

 Then it was time for him to hit and run bases. Once they all lined up to hit, Noah was missing. Where was my child at with his batting helmet and bat you ask? Oh, just in the outfield where the other kids were now playing catch. He thought he was supposed to go back to his spot out there :) Hilarious! After Noah hit the ball he chased after it (just like most of the other kids on the team did - so he didn't stand out there), but by his third time to bat he ran to first base but you could tell he really wanted to chase after the ball :) I was taking pictures of him playing and running the bases and if he saw me he would stop what he is doing and say "cheese!" - we will have to work on that too :)
Daddy giving him wise words before he bats

His first official time to  bat :)

Like I said, he cheeses if he sees my camera :)

At the end of practice they all put there hands in the huddle and yelled "Go Team!" - it was the cutest thing ever! Noah loved practice and did way better than I was expecting. Next year he will be in boys club and his last year of t-ball so this year will give him just enough experience and knowledge so he can really learn more about the game next year.

The teams can only practice once a week so my dad (who has coached for over 30 years) has been coming over and practicing with Noah at our house. It is so cute to see him coaching my kid - so full circle and something I really hoped would happen some day. When practicing with my dad he started the bad habit of throwing his bat - he even swung and missed one time, threw the bat and it hit my dad in the stomach and Noah ran over and hit the ball with his hand and took off for first - I did not think we would ever stop laughing! Dad had him catching the ball in the air and properly stopping grounders and even hitting it really well before he was done - but he may not remember it by practice again tomorrow - but the more we go over it with him, the more it will stick.

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