Monday, March 17, 2014

Fun Family Weekend

We just had one of those really good slow, family time, fun weekends. We went to a birthday party Saturday and ended up spending 3 hours playing outside starting at nap time - this should have been a disaster but instead worked out great. The sky was overcast and there was a breeze so it wasn't hot or too sunny and both kids got to run and play with all the other kids there. Well, Noah did, Ryan of course wanted to stay with momma the whole time but did get in the bounce house for a little bit and ride some power wheels. We were supposed to bring our power wheels to the party but Nathan was working and I didn't want to try to load and unload it and all our stuff alone, so we didn't bring ours. Noah has had his power wheels jeep for a few years but doesn't get to drive it much because of our yard - it is too steep. So, it was no surprise to me when he got in the other kids power wheels he would just drive them and run over anything and everything in his path - he was clueless! I finally had to ban him from them so he didn't hurt anyone.

(Of course she has a chicken nugget with her too)

Noah was in heaven in the bounce house - he did come out crying a few times and said the other kids were being mean but then he would dry it up and say he was tough. Finally after the 3rd time of the kids being mean and him coming out crying I told him to play somewhere else - he then said "No, I will go back in there and be brave"  - broke my heart to hear, I insisted the sandbox was more fun and he agreed so he didn't have to go and be brave :) He has not been around real rough boys a lot yet, so he was getting his feelings hurt, but it was good for him too - kindergarten is right around the corner and he needs to know not all kids are nice, unfortunately and I cannot keep him protected forever. He kept telling me how much fun he had at the party though so I don't think it phased him at all!

We had a rainy day Sunday but Ryan got to wear her new raincoat to church and she was so excited :)

After church we took Noah on a date to see Mr. Peabody and Sherman - cute movie! I like it and Noah sat still and watched the whole thing and laughed a lot so it was a win for him too! I cannot wait until Ryan is old enough to tolerate a movie so we can all go together. After the movie we had to head to my mom's house for my stepdad's birthday party. Lots of good food and cousins playing and then home to watch cartoons, play dinosaurs, practice walking, and trade back massages - the perfect end to a perfect weekend!

Update on Ryan's walking: she is walking more than scooting for us at home - she walks everywhere pretty much. But, she refuses to walk anywhere for the therapists. She cried the entire time at her last session. Her therapist put kinesio tape on her leg to help guide her muscles to help her walk better and break the bad habit of always scooting. The tape on the front of her leg didn't last long before she ripped it off during a diaper change, but the back is still on there. I am really hoping she will start showing her therapists how much she is really capable of so we can test out of therapy and I don't have to torture her (at least that is how she acts) anymore :)

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