Thursday, May 12, 2016

Volunteering, Frozen, Civil War & T-ball

I love to volunteer my time whenever I can, and I have got to do a lot of that lately! It was teacher appreciation week at school so I helped with the popcorn buffet for the teachers one day. I really love helping at Noah's school - they always seem so thankful for the help. The popcorn buffet turned out so cute and it was so good!

The next day, the school celebrated the volunteers. All the classes made cute posters and they were hung in the halls - they were all so cute! The teachers made cookies and there was punch too - it was all so good! We then went to our child's classroom where they had made us a book full of letter saying what they are thankful to me for, a shirt, and a bird feeder with a sweet Bible verse attached. It was all so sweet! The letters from the kids really made my day! They said things like "you are beautiful", "I really like Noah", "I love Mrs. Stillwell" and "you bring good books" :) I absolutely love to volunteer at Noah's school and am so glad I have a job that allows me to do that. I have made some new friends and got to participate in so much with Noah. I love that he will have memories of me being there :) It will be a long summer until I get to go back and see my volunteer friends again!

The next day I volunteered to be a judge for the Mr. FBLA contest at the conference in Van Buren. My mother-in-law is an FBLA sponsor and asked me to do it since I have been doing the mock interviews at the local high school this year. It was a fun experience! These boys were 14-16 years old and really had a lot going on - lots of activities, career goals and dreams already!

On Thursday we surprised the kids with tickets to Frozen on Ice! I bought the tickets back in October and have been waiting patiently to finally get to tell them. Ryan decided to wear her Elsa dress :) Unfortunately I did not get to end up going (details here) but daddy and Meme came to the rescue and the kids had a great time! They loved it and keep telling me how great it is! I am hoping something similar comes around again soon so I can go with them. Daddy did manage to get some pictures for me :)

Since I missed Frozen on Ice with the kids, I decided that even though I only got about 4 hours sleep the night before, I needed to keep our movie date we had planned to see Captain America: Civil War on Friday. As usual - we had a great time! The movies is one of our favorite things to do! I really thought the sleepiness was getting to me when the movie started - instead of Captain America coming on, The Jungle Book started. I was so embarrassed for a minute - I thought "Oh no, I am so out of it I went to the wrong movie!" Luckily, I turned around and the girl behind me said "This is the Captain America theater right?" So, I hadn't messed up - they were just playing the wrong movie! They got it all fixed and the movie was not bad! I get lost in super hero movies (and Ryan's frequent bathroom trips don't help) but Noah fills us in on all the details :)

Noah's t-ball is in full-swing and he has had a few games now. He seems to be a lot more into in than the years past (this is his 3rd year to play) but he still cannot help himself when he sees the dirt - he just has to play in it! He likes having Daddy help with the team and I think Daddy likes helping too :) 
He beat this out at home plate and ran to the fence to tell me "I imagined that kid was a T-rex so I had to run for my life!"

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