Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Fever, Field Trip and Fun Day!

We went to eat a few weeks ago and Ryan was being very cranky. I kept asking her if she felt ok and she said yes - no tummy ache, no fever, no sore throat. The next morning Noah had a ballgame. In the middle of the game Ryan wanted me to hold her - which is unusual, but especially with a playground right beside us. So I picked her up and she fell asleep on me. I knew something was up for sure. We went straight home after the game and I took her temperature - 102.8! We had 30 minutes to get her to the Saturday clinic in a town 30 minutes away, so she and I took off! We barely made it but they said they would see us. The doctor examined her and when she looked at her belly she asked me about the rash on her belly. It was very light and I told her I hadn't noticed it before, but it was so light it could have been there and I wouldn't have known. Then she looked at her throat and it was very swollen with white patches on it - she had Scarlet Fever! The doctor said it sounds scarier than it is, but basically it means she gets a rash with her strep, but if left untreated it can cause heart damage so she will need to be on her antibiotics and not miss any doses. I was nervous about antibiotics since the last time she had some she was allergic - but luckily we found some that was good for her. My throat hurt a little, but not bad like it has before when I had strep. I had one white dot on my throat so I went ahead and called my doctor and started antibiotics since we had such a busy week coming up. Ryan stayed in her room until she had been on her antibiotics for 24 hours and I disinfected the house. She was feeling so much better after just one dose of her medicine! We all tried to keep our distance from eachother to keep from spreading it - lots of hand washing, no sharing and blowing kisses :)

This was when we got home from the doctor before her 6 HOUR NAP!

Wednesday was Noah's last field trip! Half the kindergarten went to Merritt Park in Dardanelle. I followed the bus (well sort-of, I lost the bus before we left town :)  Thankfully for my phone GPS I met them at the park). Noah had the best time and played SO hard! I do not know how kids can ride the merry go round so many times in a row without getting sick! After lunch we went on a walk on the nature trail - it was so pretty! Lots of pretty trees and a cool pond that had lots of turtles, fish, ducks and geese in it. I am very lucky to have the opportunity to get to go on field trips with Noah and I love making these memories with him!

Calling the geese :)

Friday was supposed to be Water Day at Noah's school, but it was supposed to be cloudy and cool, so the water was not going to be ideal, so we just decided to leave the water part out and have Fun Day instead. This was also the last day of school before Noah's birthday, so that morning we had a pudding party with his class. I brought lots of different puddings and the kids loved getting to pick out their own flavors and Noah loved handing them out. We all sang to him and he got to blow a candle out :) After lunch it was the kindergartners turn to go through the 13 different stations at Fun Day! After about 8 stations Noah was fading fast - he was tired and over it but he finished without melting down. There were 3 bounce houses, Duck Duck Squirt game, water boat races, hula hooping and ball toss, trampolines, bikes, blocks, giant board games, sidewalk chalk, play-doh, giant frisbees, dancing, parachute games, 2 headed t-shirt races, and sack races! I was in charge of walking his class from station to station and I was tired from just doing that! So much fun was had and so many memories were made!

Pudding Party for Noah's Birthday!

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