Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Celebrating Moms!

We had to celebrate this Mother's Day a little different than those in the past. My mom only had me here to celebrate with her in person this year. Both of my brothers were in Florida and my sister lives in California. So, we decided to have Nathan make my favorite meal (shrimp boil) and have lunch there and then go to the movies together to see "Mother's Day". The food was really good and mom loved her basket full of Pioneer Women stuff I got her :) Mom even gave me a plant for hosting her for lunch :)

My hostess gift :)

Mom's Pioneer Woman goodies!

From there we went to Lowe's to look at rugs - since that is what I wanted to get for Mother's Day. I saw a few I liked, but Nathan really wasn't loving any of them so I am going to keep looking. Then we headed over to the movie - it was such a cute movie! It was nice to go on a little girl outing with mom to celebrate the day :)

After the movie the kids met me for the dinner of my choosing - and I chose Cracker Barrel - they should have known :) I have the kids complete these questionnaires each year - they are so cute! I love seeing the answers they come up with!

It was a great day and I felt the love from all over! After school on Friday Noah took an envelope out of his backpack and hid it in his room from me until Sunday. Inside it was the cutest card and question book all about mom :) His teacher also helped him to make the cutest bookmark of him - I LOVE it!

Ryan's daycare made the cutest bags using her thumbprints and turning them into me and her :) Inside the bad was Dove chocolate, really cute magnets and a candle holder. So sweet!

Nathan got me beautiful flowers and a really sweet card - and I am promised a rug and a massage gift certificate later - he may need some nagging reminding so he doesn't forget to get them later :)

Mother's Day is one holiday that I wasn't sure was going to happen for me. After 4 years of unexplained infertility, shots, exams, and tears I am so happy we didn't give up and now have 2 little miracles to help us celebrate with! Being a mom is hard, easy, fun, scary, and amazing. No one can explain it and no two moms do it the same. I am learning as I go and can't wait to see what else I get to experience as a mom!

All my Mother's Days so far :)

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