Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Our Weekend and a Special Request :)

Noah ended up with yet another tummy bug last week. Luckily this one was mild and short lived, but we had to stay home a keep him quarantined to help keep anyone else from getting it since we had big plans over the next few days! I had to keep Ryan home from daycare on Friday since Noah was sick (we have a rule at her daycare that everyone in the household is 48 hour symptom free rule to prevent shutting the whole daycare down again like we did a few years ago). So, we cleaned house, played outside, Ryan gave me a pedicure ;) , we went for a walk, and Ryan and I went grocery shopping once Daddy got home. Thankfully Noah was not feeling very bad and was able to eat normally and even join us outside.

Tummy bugs :(

Pedicures by Ryan :)
Felt good enough to go for a walk :)

The next morning was the Princess Tea Party that Ryan (and I) have been looking forward to for months! This is the 3rd year for the party and we haven't missed one yet! Ryan is very into princesses right now and she had the best time. She got to meet 16 princesses, Prince Charming, and Olaf. Mrs. Potts helped her decorate a cupcake. She also made a bracelet and got her make-up and nails done. I am SO thankful to have this little girl in my life to be able to do this stuff with - literally a dream come true!

Princess Ariel all ready to go!

Ryan and all the cast!

After the party we headed home to meet up with Noah (who was back to all well) and Daddy to get ready for some fun at the drag races again. The kids loved going the week before and begged to go again when I mentioned it. The kids loved watching Daddy help other cars race, help Daddy check air in the tires, play with sticks (literally, they love to do this everywhere we go), and made another trip up to the tower where they announce the races to check things out.

Watching Daddy :)

Helping Daddy check air in the tires :)

Sunday was full of fun and sun! We went to church and then back to The Sizzler for lunch - one of the kids new favorites :) (which is awesome to us because we have always loved that place). Then it was home to practice t-ball, play in the dirt, take a walk and mow the yard.

Now, hopefully more memories are going to be made this coming weekend! I would also like to ask for prayers for Noah. He has an appointment at Arkansas Children's Hospital Monday to check out a hernia and discuss our options. It is nothing life-threatening, but he is still our baby and even little things can seem big sometimes. Prayers for us and the doctors are appreciated!

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