Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Little Mister Johnson County

Around when Noah was 3 I started asking him if he wanted to be in the Little Mister Johnson County pageant. He started out saying "No way", then "maybe" then when I got him to understand he would get a trophy and possibly money he was all about it! He used to be really shy, believe it or not, so I wasn't sure he would ever want to do it. But, he has really come out of his shell in the past few years. He knows no strangers and talks all the time. Nathan did the Little Mister pageant when he was little and I did the Princess Elberta so I really thought it would be cool if Noah did it also.

I finally decided he was going to do it and we were ready to sign him up! I let him answer all the questions on the form. I should have read the form better because I thought it was just information for the judges to use during his interview, but it was also what they would read when he was on stage. I could have made it more interesting. But, it included dinosaurs, power rangers, and green beans so it hit the more important things Noah cares about :)

I immediately started looking for outfits for him to wear. You would think that wouldn't be too hard - but since it was after Easter and not Christmas, the 5T suits were hard to come by. Thankfully I found him some clearance outfits online that were so cute! I got 2 since I couldn't decide and because they were so cheap - that way we would have a back-up. I let Noah have the final decision on which one to wear. He chose the vest :)

Noah had rehearsal one night. He was nervous I could tell - he said his belly felt funny :) I never got around to practicing with Noah, so he really didn't know what to do on stage except for what I told him in the car on he way there. He picked up on it really fast! The second round of practice he came out and winked at each spot and waved perfectly - he was a natural. That wink was killing me - I am not sure where that came from! Noah was mad after rehearsal that he had to wait a whole day before he could get back on stage!

The next morning was his interview. I seriously never know what he is going to say. Ever. So, I was not sure how this would go. I was just hoping he wouldn't all of a sudden get shy on me. Of course I wasn't in there for the interview but I was told some of the details and I think it went well. He said they asked him how old I was and he told them he wasn't sure. He said they asked him about dinosaurs and that he told them that his favorite was the T-Rex and that means Tyrant Lizard. The judges were impressed with him using words like "prey" when he was talking about them :) When he was leaving he said T-Rex wants to say "bye" and he waved at them with 2 fingers :)

They told him to do any pose he wanted. He wanted to do a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shell spin smile emoticon

All the boys and the reining Little Mister Johnson County ready to interview

That night it was finally pageant time! I was thankful for a boy at this point because I picked him up an hour early from daycare, fed him, sprayed his hair, dressed him and he was ready! I am sure it is easier than getting a girl pageant ready! I had to check Noah in and let him go back stage alone and just trust he wouldn't spill anything on himself or mess his clothes up - they had really great ladies taking care of them and entertaining them.

Ready to go!

 The pageant started at 6:00, unfortunately Noah's part didn't start until 8:00 and we didn't know that, so we had quite a long wait, especially with a two year old. Some of our family that had little kids ended up having to leave before the end - it was just too long for them. Noah had to walk on stage 3 times. The first time was when he introduced himself. The second time was when they read information about him and the third was his on stage question. He did great! He smiled, waved, and of course winked every time!  His on stage question was "what is your favorite dinosaur?" and he, of course, said a "T-rex" and the audience laughed and clapped - he was so  proud :)  He did great and I really hoped he would place. Well, he ended up getting Audience Favorite (which was voted on in the lobby during the pageant) and 1st Runner-up! We were so proud! They gave him 2 trophies and you could tell he was thrilled. He just kept looking at them and showing them to the other kids beside him.
"Noah, what is your favorite dinosaur"
"Um, a T-wex"

When he was announced as Audience Favorite

Getting one of his trophies

Noah and his "challenges"

When I got back stage to get him the first thing he did was hold the trophies up to me and say "MOM! Are you proud?! I won 2 challenges!" (He has called trophies challenges for years now, because you get one if you win the challenge) :) He immediately asked when he gets to do another pageant! We may have created a monster! He can do Little Mister again next year since he is only 5 years old this year. He also gets to be in the Peach Festival Parade on the Little Mister float this weekend - and he is VERY excited about that!

I am so glad we signed Noah up for this experience. He gained so much confidence on that stage and looked so handsome in his suit. One of the best parts to me was having some of the pageant workers tell me how well-behaved or what a good kid Noah is. That means more than winning any "challenge" - knowing we are doing something right with this whole raising a kid thing.

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