Monday, July 13, 2015

Fun Summer Week!!

Noah and I have looked forward to this week for a while now - it's SHARK WEEK! I don't know why I love watching shark attack shows, but I just do. There is just something fascinating about people going out to where sharks live and then being so surprised and shocked when they are attacked! Noah will just sit and stare at the tv when it is on Shark Week :)

When I saw this shirt, I knew Noah would HAVE to have it :)
It was time for Noah to get his kindergarten physical and the dreaded shots :( I don't lie to Noah about much so I told him the shots will hurt, but not for long. He was pretty worried about them. He wouldn't let me get too far from him the whole time we were at the doctor's office. The doctor said he looked great but wanted to keep an eye on his gastritis to make sure it wasn't turning into a long term issue. He gave him the go ahead for kindergarten - then the nurse came in with the needles! Noah insisted he wanted to see the needles so she showed them to him. Then he wanted to watch her give him each shot! Little weirdo! I didn't even want to watch that! He didn't make a sound for the first one, started crying for the second one and by the third shot he was screaming "You are killing me. I am dying! Don't even do that again!" It wasn't pretty! I wanted to cry for a second, but then realized that would just make him worse so I got him calmed down after only a few minutes and we were out of there! I can't believe he is about to be off to kindergarten - this is going to change all our lives!

The next day Ryan had a check-up on her tubes and after that I surprised the kids and took them to the Little Rock Zoo instead of to daycare :) The day before my mom had mentioned it would be a good day for us to all take off and go to the zoo. I am so blessed to work where if I need to want to take off  - even last minute I can. I have been able to take off for sick kids, swim lessons, doctors appointments and vacations this summer. These are things lots of working moms cannot do but I am so glad I can be there for these things with my kids. I cannot and do not want to be a stay at home mom, but having flexibility to be there for them for special things makes life easier for us all.  The kids were SO excited to get to go to the zoo for the day with some of their cousins and Granny. We parked right by the entrance, no wait to get in, no wait to eat, no sun - nice overcast and not too hot. It was perfect!

Our theater shows new releases a day early so I decided to take the kids to see the new Minions movie on Thursday night. My dad met me there with my niece Eliza and nephew Greyson. The movie was cute - I haven't really watched any of the minion movies so I was a little lost, but Noah laughed very loudly the whole time. They have both asked when we can go back to watch it again several times :)

Friday I had to meet Nathan down town at the bank. I was on the phone with the bank as we left and Nathan kept beeping in on the call. Well, once I hung up I started calling him back with no answer. So, I started pulling out of the bank and as I looked left to see if there was anything coming my heart sank - there was Nathan's truck in a head-on collision! Apparently he was calling me to tell me he has just been in an accident. A girl says she took the corner too wide and lost control and just hit him head on pretty much! Her passenger side hit his passenger side - that is how far over she was in his lane! She was acting very strange, but passed the officers sobriety test. I am just really glad no one was hurt. I am also glad it was Nathan's truck and not my car - it would have done a lot more damage. Nathan was able to drive his truck away but it did hurt the grill, bumper, brush guard, fender, door, and marker light - that we know of so far.

Nathan has decided he wants to play some softball again so he played with a team in a tournament in Rusellville on Saturday. The kids have never been to a game (since Noah was newborn) so I decided to take them to the first one hoping it wouldn't be too hot. Well, it was only in the 80's while we were there, but it was HOT! The shade was ok, but the kids just really were not into it. So, once the game was over we went to Cracker Barrel (or the barrel eating place with the toys as Noah calls it). Then we went home and soaked up some air conditioning until time for Livi and Kams swimming party! They rented out the local indoor pool - it was SO nice!

She wasn't a fan of swimming alone :)

On Sunday we needed to go get Nathan some softball stuff so we went on a little day trip of shopping and out to eat before taking Noah to VBS at Woodland church with his cousin Alex. The kids were wound up the whole day - I kept telling Nathan we would miss them being all silly some day :)

Such a busy week - which I love! Now, to finish up VBS then mini vacation to Branson and Noah starts Leap Start for Kindergarten next week and his Little Mister pageant!

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