Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Summer Schooling

Noah has been getting lots of schooling this summer. One of Noah's most favorite things in this world is "church school". Noah's cousin Alex invited him to her Vacation Bible School at Woodland Baptist Church last summer and he had a blast and has been asking about it constantly since then! It was finally time for him to go back this summer! VBS was from 6-8:45 every night, which is pretty late for him and a long time but they made it so fun he didn't mind at all. He did SO good singing (and busting out some dance moves) on parents night when we got to come see what all he learned. What I was most proud of, however, was when 3 different teachers came up and told me how smart and how well behaved he was. Music to my ears! I love knowing that when I am not around he is (for the most part) being good and respectful. They also commented on his memory and how he knew lots of the stories from the Bible. I am hoping these good qualities carry on into kindergarten!

Singing worship songs :)

Dodging water balloons :)

Trying to catch water balloons on his head!

Waving at Momma on parent night

He was SO excited about his certificate :)
Speaking of kindergarten, Noah is in the Leap Start to Kindergarten program at his school. This program is for children who were not in a traditional daycare, have separation anxiety issues or scored low on their entrance exam. Noah has zero separation anxiety and was one point away from advanced on his entrance exam, but he did go to a home daycare. So, we thought it would be good for him to get a sneak peak of a classroom, playground, lunch room, etc., so that it won't be so overwhelming on the first day of school. We had 2 parent meetings over the summer where they gave us a letter sound DVD (that both of my kids love and has been very helpful) and lots of other teaching tools to help Noah get a head start on things. Noah's teacher said he is doing amazing and is really on top of things. She also commented on what a great listener he is! He has been really excited to go each day and with a little bribing I can get some details of his day out of him. I am so anxious to see how he does when kindergarten really starts!

His outfit he chose for his first day of Leap Start to Kindergarten - he said he was
a super hero to save any girls that need it! ;)

We got to go school supply shopping too! I love stuff like that!
On the last day they sent a report home that Noah was "very bright and ready for kindergarten" and said there were very few things he didn't know on their testing.

Last Day!

Ready to Jump into Kindergarten!
We also got to find out who Noah's first ever school teacher is going to be! He got Ms. Damon! I do not know her personally but have heard lots about her and we have mutual friends and I have heard nothing but good things about her! I am excited to share my little boy with her and have her help shape him into a great student.

"Mom - I found my name!"
We have open house next week and then it will be time to start school! Nathan and I still keep saying how we don't think it is possible for us to have been parents long enough to have a kid old enough for school! Not sure when it will all sink in...

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