Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Peaches, Rhea Lana, & Races!

We have been really busy lately! Time to catch up! First we had our local Peach Festival. I have always loved the Peach Festival! The kids are now loving it just as much as I did! We walked around the square, watched Emma in the diaper derby, raced turtles in the Terrapin Derby, and Noah was in the parade for the Little Mister pageant. It was a fun week!

I actually missed watching the kids race their turtles this year because the local Rhea Lana sale fell on this same day and time. I love shopping for the kids clothes at this sale. 75% of my kids clothing is usually from a consignment or second hand. Kids grow so fast and clothes can be expensive so this is how I am able to get them nice things on a budget. Selling clothes in this sale is one of the best things I decided to do. It is hard work to get everything ready to sell - but I space it out and do it a little at a time over a few weeks. I ended up consigning 270 items and made well over what I spent on the kids winter wardrobes. In order to shop at the earliest time you have to work at the sale to earn a pass. I actually look forward to this - it is a nice break from my normal routine and I have always ended up working with the nicest ladies there. Also, it is fun helping other moms find great things to fit their budget!

Loaded down with stuff to sell!

After I worked at the sale on Friday, Nathan and I headed out for a Mommy and Daddy weekend away! Nathan tried to cancel on me (again) because he was having a bad day - but I packed him a bag and finally got him out of town! We went to a race track in Ozark, MO to watch our friends race. I just love our racing friends - they are an extended family that we rarely get to see. Nathan is not going to get to race this year, his car won't be ready in time and he doesn't want to rush it. So, we are trying to make it to as many races as we can to support our friends and to support the racing class. This also happened to be one of our best friends birthdays while we were there - so we helped her celebrate until after 2:00 a.m. Saturday morning! :) It was also tax free weekend in Missouri so we did a little shopping and ate at Lamberts before heading back to the track on Saturday evening. The races didn't end until after 2:00 a.m. Sunday morning - so it was some long days - hot when the sun was out, then cool in the dark - but we loved having the break and spending time with our friends. We can't wait to go again next month  - hopefully :)

Nathan and the birthday girl!

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