Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Weekend

Our extra long weekend was awesome. It seemed busy, but also felt like we didn't do a lot at the same time. Saturday was spent playing games, watching movies, exploring outside, splashing in puddles, and riding the four-wheeler. 

Nathan had to work on Sunday since it was not raining. The kids and I went to church and then to the Killough Family Reunion. My mom's side of the family always has a family reunion on Memorial Day weekend at Piney Bay. My dad walked down to the water with me and Noah and Ryan. Noah loves water, sticks, and rocks - so he was in heaven! Watching him play with my dad had me in heaven :) Ryan was all about the swings and slide - and threw about 50 rocks in the water. We then joined Nathan at home to cookout and play games :) Then we got to watch baby Emma while my brother and sister-in-law (to be) went to the movies - the kids love baby Emma!


Holding Baby Emma :)

Noah insists he taught Emma to crawl :)

We spent our extra day off on Monday doing nothing! Noah finally got a full day to play with all of his new toys he got for his birthday. I painted Ryan's toenails and fingernails and we played with her dolls. Because of our military we are able to spend Memorial Day (and every other day) however we want. I am forever grateful to our military and especially those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and we honor in remembrance on Memorial Day. 

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