Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

I love Mother's Day! I love getting to celebrate being a mom and I love celebrating my mom. I did not always love Mother's Day though - we struggled for years with infertility and if you have not gone through that then you have no idea the emotions that you go through, whether they are right or wrong. (For those who don't know our fertility struggle, I blogged about it here). Thankfully I am now able to fully celebrate this holiday as both a mother and with my mother, but I feel even more thankful since I know how dark this holiday can be for some people.

On Friday, Nathan and I were both off work and the kids were at daycare so we had a day date to eat at my favorite place (TGI Fridays) and get me a new cell phone for Mother's Day. My poor phone had seen better days and I use it for so much I really needed a new one. We had such a good day together. When we picked the kids up  they could not wait to give me the gift they made me at daycare. They used their fingerprints to make me a picture and they made me white chocolate cranberry cookies.

Saturday I wanted to go to the movies to see the new Disney Nature movie Monkey Kingdom. So, we all went together on a family date :) It didn't keep Ryan's attention too well, but Noah and I liked it a lot. Nathan said it was pretty good. I have never seen a Disney Nature movie, now I want to see more of them! We then had to go to the store so Noah could "shop" for me for Mother's Day (I waited in the car) :) We then went home to install my new microwave! Nothing like a new appliance to get me all grown-up excited!

Look at that hot microwave installer :)

We went to church Sunday morning. I was so surprised to see Noah on the big screen at Church saying "Well, I just lub her so much" when asked if he wanted his mom to know anything special for Mother's Day :) The kids gave me the prettiest flowers, card and plants for my porch. We then had my mom, stepdad, nephew Christian, brother Eli, soon to be sister-in-law Jessica, niece Emma, brother Jeremy, sister-in-law Emily, and nieces Marley, Maddie, and Emmie over for pizza and strawberry shortcake. Nathan's mom always comes over on Sundays so she stopped by too.

The celebrations were easy and drama free. It was such a nice way to celebrate the awesome gift of being a mom and having great ones in our lives.

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