Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Parties, Swimming, and Branson - What Summer is Made of!

We have been so busy lately with swimming lessons, 2 birthday parties every weekend and a daycation! We celebrated my niece Marley, our daycare friend Logan, nephew Paxton, and our twin friends Jeff and Michael's birthdays over the last 2 weekends. At our friends Jeff and Michael's party - Michael and his fiance surprised us and got married right there at the party! It was so sweet!

Marley's Swim Party

Marley's Swim Party

Happy Birthday Logan!

Happy Birthday Paxton!

Happy Wedding Day to Michael and Christina!

We took a day trip to Branson with my siblings and their families. Nathan couldn't make the trip - since it finally stopped raining he has to work whenever he can. We all got season passes for Silver Dollar City for Christmas so we wanted to just make a day trip to use them. We picked a Thursday hoping they would not be as busy - WRONG! Apparently they were letting people in with grocery store receipts that day and it was packed. We were there for 8 hours and rode 5 rides. We waited in the hot dog line for over 45 minutes! The kids were awesome through it all though - they are pretty adaptable. We made a quick stop at the Disney Store on the way out of town to pick up birthday presents for all our upcoming parties.

Noah has been in swim lessons for 2 weeks now. This is his 5th year to have lessons, but this is his first year to not have me in the water with him. He is officially in Level 1! He started out pretty rough, which I expected, but has came SO far! He was actually telling his teacher to move further away so he could swim farther by himself! I couldn't believe it! When the teacher would ask him to jump into the water at the beginning of the lessons Noah said "Are you crazy?" or "Oh Dream On!" and now he just jumps right in! They are having lessons again over the next two weeks so I signed Ryan up for the Swim Buddies (where I swim with her) and Noah again for Level 1 - since I now know he is capable of completing that level. So, there is no telling how good and comfortable he will be after that.

Nervous to jump in :)

We also played in the river a little on Sunday - we had lunch and the kids just HAD to put their feet in the water. We are trying to plan a trip up to spend some river time with them there again soon :)

More parties, vacations and swimming are to come! I LOVE summer!


  1. Wow, it sounds just great! I wonder how you managed everything to attend/organize so many events one after the other. I have also got the invitation to attend two weddings. One will be held at some local SF event venues and other will be at a destination venue in Chicago.

  2. Noah is such an energetic and positive kid! It seems that the water loves him and as much as he loves the water. You can hardly see someone like him in a swimming class, as most kids would be afraid of being alone in water and their parents leaving them. Cheers!

    Stella Hammond @ Palm City Pools