Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Taking our zoo to the zoo :)

Over the weekend we went to the Drive-thru Safari! We wanted to do one last little getaway with the kids for the summer and Ryan is not the best long distance traveler yet so we needed to stay closer to home. We with with Nathan's brother and his family, Nathan's mom, and my brother Eli and his family tagged along too along with my other niece and nephew. It was hot - but nice in the shade - I guess it finally decided to be hot this summer - this week anyway!

We started in the petting zoo and the kids loved getting to pet all the animals! Goats, donkeys, pigs, llamas, chickens, and kangaroos. We got to go in the ring tailed lemur cage and feed him too.

Then we moved on to ride the camel and horses. I rode the camel with Ryan - she just really looked unsteady up there and I could just see her falling off and the camel stepping on her, so I hopped on too.

Then it was time for the drive-thru safari! There are these birds that look like they want to peck my eyes out and eat my brains and Nathan kept rolling my window down so they would come try to get me - yes I screamed very loud - at least Noah and Ryan thought it was funny! It is so cool to just drive through and see all the animals right beside the car and even roll the window down and pet some if you want to (we may break the rules a little) :)

The bird that wants to kill me!

Nathan about to die!

I love family time, especially extended family time! Watching our kids make memories with their cousins is the best :)

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