Monday, August 25, 2014

Fair 2014

It is one of my four year old's favorite times of the year - FAIR TIME! Each year we get more of our moneys worth and he has more and more fun. After almost 3 hours there this year we had to make him leave and he did cry a little - I felt bad because I remember being sad when we had to leave the fair too. But we can't live there :) 

My dad got both kids arm bands and they put them to good use! Noah also won his own prize! He had 9 frogs to attempt to get one in a lilly pad - it had to go all the way in a lilly pad with nothing hanging off the edges - finally with his last throw he got one in! He was so proud and he picked out a sea turtle as his prize :) While riding rides the sweetest thing happened - some older boys (sons of some people we know from high school) asked Noah to ride rides with them and were so nice to him! They helped him on and off the rides and were holding his hand between rides  - it was so cute! It made me a little less nervous about kindergarten as silly as that sounds. It made me realize that there are still nice kids that will just be friends and be nice to others even if they don't know who they are. 

The kids also loved seeing the animals - Ryan especially! She made the sounds for all the animals and knew all of them (even though she called most of them puppy until she got closer to them) :) We didn't make it to look at the crafts this year - we were too busy riding rides and petting animals - maybe next year. 

The fair was good to us - until next year Fair...

This is blurry but still so cute! He screamed the entire time :)

Noah with his new friends :)

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