Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Last Unofficial Summer Weekend

We packed our last weekend of the summer full and it was awesome! Saturday we got up and headed out to the river for a boat ride and some swimming (not me - I am one of those people who will only swim in water I can see in - especially after shark week) :) It was Ryan's first time on a boat and only Noah's second - they loved it! I am hoping we can maybe go once more before it gets too cold this fall. Noah jumped off the side and would swim back to the boat - this is a huge difference from last year! Of course since Noah was doing it Ryan had to jump off the side too :) We didn't stay out too long - just a nice quick trip making some memories :)

After that Nathan started working on being the best husband in the world and he helped me go get a large heavy treadmill and then take it apart to get it inside and upstairs to our bedroom - he is a doll I tell ya! Then I got a wild hair and wanted to rearrange our living room that has been the same for 6 years and he helped me do that (minus the nap he took in the middle). But he needed to rest up because that night we took Noah to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! I really liked the movie - it was funny and entertaining for all of us! Noah kept saying "oh this movie is making me die" (aka: it's killing me) and slapping his forehead and yelling "Oh gosh" or "mind blown" :)

Sunday was church and more house cleaning (for me anyway) :) Nathan was with us all weekend which is not something he gets to do often but I am so happy when he gets to and I know the kids love it :)

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