Monday, February 28, 2011

Noah's New Taxi

I will NEVER own a new car! That is what I told Nathan when we started car shopping a few weeks ago! My Tahoe was getting older and I didn't want to end up keeping it until it had no resale value (kind-of how I did with my Honda). I am working on letting go of things at the right time and moving on! We had decided we wanted a new(er) Tahoe, but I wanted captains seats in the middle and 3rd row seating. We quickly found out that captain seats in the middle was well out of our price range. I test drove a Tahoe and the 3rd row in it sat on the floor - there was NO leg room whatsoever. So, maybe a small child could fit back there, but that would be it. So, I told Nathan I really liked the GMC Acadia.

We took off to Ft. Smith to look around. We looked at a few Tahoes to make sure that wasn't what we wanted, and while we were there we looked at a Traverse because it was the same as an Acadia with a different grill. I loved the inside, just wasn't sure about the outside, until I saw a black one. I loved the black one! I have found that over the years I tend to think almost any car looks good in black. We went over and looked at Acadias, but they were at least $10,000 more for the exact same car - so we just decided to stick with looking at Traverses. We looked at about 20 of them in Ft. Smith and called up to Fayetteville and found one that had everything we were looking for and for a fair price! So, the next day we took off to Fayetteville Autopark and came home with our awesome new car for the same price I was looking at used Tahoes for! I never would have imagined that we would be able to get something so nice - but the car salesman was very nice and professional and not pushy at all!

Here it is:

2011 Chevy Traverse

Seats 8, backup camera, remote start, dual sunroofs, heated seats!

Noah's New Taxi

I love it!

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