Monday, February 14, 2011

Queen of the King!

We finally got our new King size bed and I love it! We have been talking about getting one since we moved into this house 2 1/2 years ago since our bedroom is so big and can accommodate it. We don't do much Christmas gifts for eachother and just buy something nice for the house instead - this year it was new bed time!

This is an old picture from when we first moved in, but it is the only one I had of our old bed.

Our old bed was lent to us by Nathans parents. It is a four post oak bed that Nathan's dad refinished - and to hear him tell it, it was quite a pain to refinish! I like the bed - especially since it didn't cost us anything, but I have never really cared for post beds, or oak. We got new dressers a few years ago, so we were looking to match or get close to the color of them for the new bed. The mattresses we had were very old - I'm talking atleast 10 years old and were not very comfortable.

We found a headboard that was very close to what we were looking for at a local truckload furniture store. It was solid wood and it was a JC Penny brand, so when they were only asking $75.00 for it I was shocked! We didn't really want a footboard because we have a cedar chest at the end of the bed.We got Nathan's parents old king bed frame, so all that was left was a mattress.

One rainy day I came home and Nathan said he almost ordered us a mattress off of TV! He had the day off and got sucked in a Serta Infomercial! I searched the guide and found when the infomercial would be back on and set the DVR to record it. I was sold too! It sounded amazing and the price wasn't bad - and we had a little extra to spend on the mattress since we found the headboard so cheap! So, the next day I ordered it. A week later it was delivered and set up for us!

The new KING bed! I love it!

It has been 3 weeks since we got the bed now and I love it! It wasn't world changing, but it is alot more comfortable and I love the space of a king bed versus a queen! Even though Noah doesn't sleep with us - there is now room if he ever needs to! We also have space for our weekend morning when we get Noah and play with him in our bed before we all get up - one of my favorite things ever!

So, I am now the Queen of the King and loving every minute of it!

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  1. We just bought a king size too! After being pregnant (and as big as a whale!) and having to sleep in different beds, we decided a new mattress was needed. Love the extra room and it's so comfy. I can actually sleep on my side now without my hips hurting. I recommend it for everyone! :)