Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Whoooo Pig Sooie!

Today is the day! The Arkansas Razorbacks are playing in the Sugarbowl in New Orleans! Noah and I wore our Razorback shirts today to show support! I'm pretty sure that if an adorable little boy named Noah wasn't around then Nathan and I would be in New Orleans for this game. I'm not complaining in the least - I will be just fine watching the game from my couch with Noah sitting in my lap! I haven't went to any Razorback games this year but I plan to go to alot next year! We are thinking about getting season tickets with some friends so we will always have the option! I love Razorback stadium and there is nothing quite like watching a game there!

My house is a Razorback fan house! We are not fair weather fans, we love our Hogs all the time! Don't get me wrong - I will say when they are not doing good and Nathan will have to leave the room sometimes because they are playing "pit-i-ful" but we are still right there cheering them on in the next game! I love to watch sports, but I am not super-competitive. I am a good loser - that is just how I've always been. It drives Nathan crazy because even when we play a board game I can lose and tell him that he did good and he will try to rub it in and it doesn't bother me! So, whether the Hogs win or lose tonight it is not a huge deal to me - it is just a game.

Nathan is a big Bobby Petrino fan also! When Noah is drinking his cereal bottle at night Nathan will tell him he better finish it before he falls asleep because Bobby Petrino comes by and does bottle checks and he only wants big boys that finish their bottles on his team! We have high hopes for our little chubby boy!

Whoooooo Pig Sooie! Lets Go Razorbacks! Play your best and win or lose at least you know you still have fans in the Stillwells!

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