Monday, January 31, 2011

Chef, I am not...

A chef, I am not - but I wish I were. Just a cook would work - but no. Not at all. 90% of the things I cook have instrctions on a box with them. I wish I could cook, but I just can't. I can't cook, not due to lack of ability - because I can follow directions and that's a big part of cooking, but I just don't have the "want-to" to cook. I feel no more prideful when I get done cooking a meal then I do carrying in take-out. The desire just isn't there.

Noah's babysitter, Laurie, cooks alot! By alot - I mean 4-5 meals a day! She cooks bfreakfast and lunch for her daycare kids, and lunch and dinner for her and her husband, and sometimes her husbands co-worker stops to eat too. Laurie has given me some recipes and said she was going to make a cook out of me! I did make a few of her recipes and they were easy to prepare and good. But the mere thought of cooking just sounds exhausting to me! I have to literally psych myself up to cook - it is sad really.

Nathan and I discovered these Hormel meat dishes - you just add the sides. There is roast beef, beef roast (who knew there was a difference! HA!), beef tips, and chicken. You just put them in the microwave for 4 minutes and they are done! I must say, for $5.00 and such little effort, they are delicious! We just make mashed potatoes (instant of course) or noodles and we are literally done with dinner in 10 minutes! I'm glad Nathan realized when he married me that I was not a cook, so he is not surprised now!

I'm hoping Noah will survive for the next 18 (or more) years and not be scarred for the lack of home cooking in our house! Maybe the cooking gene skips a generation and Noah will love to cook and cook for our family! My parents are both good cooks - so maybe there is still hope!

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