Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Noah's First Snow!

Finally! It snowed! We usually get snow once a year at least, and I am SO glad when we finally get it! Nathan and I are winter people! I love snow and colder temperatures. I'm not big on summer weather at all. You can layer on clothes and eventually get warm in the winter, but I can only take off so much before I am naked and still hot in the summer! I'm not much on tanning, or even wearing shorts for that matter - so winter and fall suit me so much better!

Since this snow day fell on a Monday, I got a snow day off from work and Noah stayed home with me from his sitters house and we had a fun day together! We went and played in the snow with Daddy for a little while and Noah didn't know quite what to think about it. I bundled him up pretty good - he reminded me of Randy off "A Christmas Story" - he couldn't move around real good!

I was so excited to get his snow suit out! He held a snowball I made for him for a little while and just stared at me like I was crazy! He loosened up a little and I think he is going to love snow just like me and Nathan. It was a good relaxing day.

I remember snow days from when I was a kid. They involved playing in the snow with my friends and cousins, snow ice cream, and lots of hot chocolate! Noah was a little young for snow ice cream or hot chocolate but I love the anticipation of knowing all the fun years are to come! Days like this are one of the things I dreamed of when I was praying for a child through my 3 1/2 year struggle to conceive. Dreams do come true!

Here is to many more snow days with my little snow angel!

~ Jessie ~


  1. So glad to see you blogging! I'm your newest follower! :)

    Love all the pictures. Noah is always so smiley! What a blessing!