Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Our Spooky Celebrations

Friday night daddy was at the races so the kids and I had a make-your-own pizza movie night. The kids love to make their own pizzas and are obsessed with movie night. I decided to give movie night a try at home right after Ryan's tonsillectomy and they pretty much beg for it nightly. We watched Hotel Transylvania 2 (in honor of Halloween coming up). We start out all spread out, but it never fails that they end up in my chair with me :)

We are having the best weather lately for Fall - so I decided to hand wash my car and let the kids help. They kept saying how much fun it was and asked if they can do it every time my car is dirty - I am sure they will stop loving it so much in about 10 years :)

Saturday afternoon Ryan had her first friend birthday party :) Lily had a swimming party and the kids had a great time! Ryan still clings to me while swimming so I knew I was going to have to get in with her, which I wasn't wild about, but I didn't want her to miss out. So I got in that bathing suit in front of all these people I didn't know and some that I did know but had husbands swimming with their kids and got in that freezing water for over an hour! I finally got Ryan to let go and swim alone after a while and she was so excited and kept saying "I am such a big girl" :) I am so glad I got in with her and made those memories, even if I was one of the only moms to do it and even if I never got used to that freezing water!

Once again, Saturday night Daddy was at the races and the kids and I had movie night - this time it was my turn to choose so I chose A Goofy Movie - one of my favorites! We all laughed and had such a good night. 

Sunday was a very busy day! That morning the kids helped me do kids check-in at church. We had a camping theme going and they love playing with the decorations.

After lunch we went to the kids soccer games. Noah had a great defense game, Ryan stood and cried through most of the game because she didn't want to sweat. Such a diva sometimes! In the middle of her game Noah got stung by a bee (we think) and, of course, he lost it. I am pretty sure every one at all 3 soccer fields heard him screaming. Thankfully he is not allergic. This is the third time he has been stung in his life - he is just unlucky! I have yet to be stung by anything (knock on wood). 

Daddy was a little sleepy from his late nights at the races :)

After the soccer games it was a quick run home to change for our church Halloween party. The kids didn't want to wear their real costumes until Halloween so Ryan worse last years and Noah used one of his from our dress-up closet. We ended up with an adorable Raphael and Donatello :) They had such a fun time! 

We wanted to wait for Daddy to carve pumpkins and since it was the night before Halloween we had to do that after the church party Sunday night. Ryan didn't want to carve hers, she just wanted to paint it and put a crown on it so it could be a princess. Noah was dressing up as Robin this year so he wanted the Robin "R" on his. So, he and daddy gutted it, I drew the R and Daddy cut it out - it turned out pretty cute!

Monday was finally Halloween! Noah had his class party and I was able to attend it. I made vampire donuts and brought a craft to do with the kids. Noah made my day life when he said "Momma, I love that you help with my class. I hope I can do all this fun stuff with my kids when I am a dad someday" :) 

The handprint ghost in a window craft I did with the class. 

I am not a fan of the organized Halloween community events. We tried it one year and basically stood in line for hours to get a little bit of candy or jump in a bounce house that we would have to take the kids costume practically all the way off to do. It is just more of a hassle than fun. But, we love going trick-or-treating the old fashioned way in neighborhoods. 

We started our Trick-or Treating out with a trip to Memes house. She always give the kids fun toys and snacks she knows they love. Then it was on to Grannys house for chips and dip and lots of the good candy. My dad always meets us there and we head out to do our trick-or-treating. We decided to try a new neighborhood this year and it had just the right amount of houses and most of the people handing out candy were dressed up. The weather was perfect. The kids looked adorable. So many memories were made. On the walk back to the car Noah said "Momma, I wish Halloween was every day, this night was the best". Perfect!

The Super Stillwells

Noah insisted on taking a family selfie to end the night

Now, we are fully into the holiday season. Thanksgiving is only 3 weeks away, then we will be taking a magical trip for the kids Christmas present this year. Then, just like that 2016 will be gone. But first, we have lots more memories to make...

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