Monday, July 18, 2016

Noah's Hernia Repair

Back in March I noticed Noah's hernia and took him to his doctor. His doctor referred us to Arkansas Children's Hospital since he felt it would most likely need to be fixed surgically. We went to ACH in April and the doctor said it would need to be operated on to correct it, but we could wait since it was not causing any pain. So we decided to wait until school is out and t-ball was over so he wouldn't have to miss out on anything.

In early June I called ACH and was able to schedule it between all our summer vacations and activities. As the surgery time got closer, I was afraid we wouldn't be able to have it because Noah started coughing about 7 days before his surgery. I took him to the doctor and they said his lungs were clear and it was just allergies, but it seemed to be getting worse instead of better. Thankfully, they did not seem to think it was an issue on surgery day. We got there and got all checked in and had to wait about an hour before they took Noah back. I was fine until they said "this is where you say bye and give hugs and kisses" - I didn't let Noah see it, but that was not easy. At all. They said the entire surgery would be 40 minutes, with the doctor only needing 15-20 minutes.  Nathan was starving and wanted to go to the cafeteria. I of course wanted to sit and stare at the surgery board and watch Noah's name go by and wait for it to say he was done. But, Nathan insisted so I went down to the cafeteria with him. We ran into an old friend there that flys for Angel One - it was a nice distraction for a minute. Then Nathan ate and I went back to wait while he ran to the car. When I got back I asked if they said anything about Noah Stillwell. She said she just text me to let me know they were just now starting! So, that made me feel better. 15 minutes later we went back to talk to the doctor and he said it all went good and they would call us back when he woke up.

We had to wait about 45 minutes and he finally woke up. He was very out of it. He was really having trouble staying awake to drink his apple juice to make sure he could keep it down so we could go home. After he waited his time out, the nurse said he was free to go home. He instantly fell asleep and only woke up when we would stop the car. I asked him if he felt sick every time he woke up and he said no. Then we got back to Clarksville and he woke up while Nathan was in the bank. I asked him if he was sick and he said "Here is the deal. I keep needing to throw up, but I keep stopping it". I told him they gave us some bags in case he got sick on the way home so it was ok. I handed him one and he threw up in it, smiled and went back to sleep :) I wish that were the end of it. Unfortunately, this was the beginning of 2 hours of throwing up every 15 minutes. I called the hospital and they said it sounded like he was metabolizing the medicine slowly so the medicine was still making him sick, but it should be out of his system soon. Ryan and I went to get groceries and while we were gone the medicine wore off! Nathan said he sat up, looked fine and ate a banana and half a pizza! He has not stopped since then! His incision on his abdomen is sore to the touch and cough, but should be good soon.

We had a good experience with Arkansas Children's Hospital overall. They were very nice, informative and the facility was nice and clean. They kept the mood fun for Noah the entire time - even telling him jokes until he fell asleep for surgery. My only complaint was Noah's IV, and since I was not with him during this part I do not know that it could have been prevented. There are 6 places where they tried to start an IV. Thankfully he was asleep for all of that and says those spots don't hurt at all. Maybe he had bad veins. Maybe it was a new person. It happens and he is fine. I just hate seeing 6 bruises on his hands and wrists.

We spent the rest of the weekend doing low active activities. The kids painted pottery on Saturday and loved it! I see us going back to do that again and maybe make some gifts there for other people.

Sunday we build blocks, played outside and went to pick out Ryan's bed and started the process of changing her room over to a big girl room. That big change will be happening this week along with our summer vacation! Lots of fun stuff going on and memories to be made!

The bed she chose :)

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