Thursday, June 9, 2016

Movies, Dancing, Kayaking, & Partying!

Noah was supposed to have practice Thursday night, but there were make-up games going on so that was canceled. So, we decided to surprise the kids and take them to the early showing of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie. It was really good and Noah loved it! We love watching him belly laugh and smile watching the same characters we loved as kids.

They all worse their Ninja Turtle shirts :)
Friday was Ryan's first ballet recital. We honestly never know what Ryan is going to do at any time - it all depends on her mood. So, we had no idea what she would do during her recital. Thankfully, she did great! She didn't do all the moves and the ones she did do were not perfect, but she was smiling and having fun and looked adorable!

Then Saturday I was off to spend the weekend in Jasper for Laikkens bachelorette party. First on the agenda was kayaking. This was my first time to kayak so I was nervous. I have canoed several times and used to enjoy it but do not anymore, so I was not sure how kayaking would go. I will admit it was a lot easier than canoeing and after the first 45 minutes my legs stopped shaking. I never flipped, even going through rapids backwards and sideways (not on purpose) :) The last 20 minutes we got caught in a torrential rain! It was cold and windy and we all paddled as fast as we could to get to the end! It was fun  and I am glad I did it, but not anything I am dying to do again - I am not sure why, it just isn't my thing. (I hope to have some pictures of this excursion soon - someone else took them)

The rest of the weekend was spent in the cabin watching Laikken open her shower gifts, eating amazing food, making a run to Branson for a little shopping, girl talk and lots of laughing! 

While I was gone Nathan took the kids to Noah's ballgame and to his nephew Paxtons birthday party. I got home to a clean house (just how I left it) and the kids each got me 2 dozen roses! I love little surprises like that. Nathan doesn't have the kids alone a lot so I was unsure how it would go, but he said it was "a walk in the park" :) 

After I got home Sunday we went to the kids babysitters son Logan's birthday party. It was such a nice small party and Logan appreciated all his gifts so much - it was so cute to watch. 

We ended our busy weekend with Rivertowne BBQ,  front yard baseball, bike riding and a four-wheeler ride before bed! Now on to more baseball and a wedding :)

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