Thursday, June 2, 2016

Family Filled Fun!

We had a family packed 3 day weekend! On Saturday we took the kids to see Alice Through The Looking Glass. I was not sure about this movie - it seemed very strange from the previews. I have not seen the non-animated Alice in Wonderland so I had no idea what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised with how good it was! Ryan, who usually has to leave 2-3 times to go potty (not all of which are necessary), never got up once  - she was really into it! Noah was already asking if we could get it on DVD as soon as it comes out! He did cry during the happy ending, as usual. That boy is so sensitive and always cries during happy endings.

After the movie we did a little shopping - I needed shoes and a wedding gift for a wedding I am in that is coming up. We ended our Saturday night with mowing the yard, playing outside and wrestling in the living room.

The Sunday of Memorial Weekend is always my grandmas family reunion. This year, Nathan's Uncle Jeff and Aunt Julia were in from Missouri so his family was meeting at the nursing home where his grandpa lives. So, we started the morning meeting the family at the nursing home in Paris where we visited and took pictures.

Then the kids and I drove an hour to my family reunion to visit with my family, while Nathan stayed and had lunch with his family. We hated to split up, but there was a lot going on that day and the only thing to do was to each miss a little of something.

The kids said all the windy mountain roads we were on felt like a roller coaster :)

After my reunion I drove to Mt. Magazine to the cabin his Uncle and Aunt had rented to visit with them a little and pick Nathan up. This was our first time to meet Nathan's Aunt Julia and she made quite an impression on Noah and Ryan. She played hide and seek with them and played along with all the silly games they wanted to do. Uncle Jeff won Noah over with a wrestling match - Noah loves to wrestle! Before we left the kids got in the hot tub and splashed around.

Monday we celebrated my niece Marley's 7th birthday party at the indoor pool here in town. We had sandwiches and cake and then all went swimming. It was so fun to watch the kids laugh at Nathan doing "cammon balls" or getting in splash fights. We ended the day with a shrimp boil at home at watching the NBA playoffs - apparently that is a big deal ;)

Now, to get ready for a busy bachelorette party, t-ball game, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie, 2 birthday party weekend!

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