Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goodbye 2015!

Just like that 2015 is gone! This has been quite a year too!

Snow days!

Disney World!

Racecations with Nathan!

Noah turned 5!

Noah started school!

Ryan turned 3!

Things I learned this year:

*I can do a lot. More than I thought. But it is ok for me to do nothing too. Learning to do nothing was a harder lesson than learning I can do more.

*Nathan is way better than I give him credit for. We are at such a great time in our lives - settled and enjoying eachother and raising our kids together. It all just seems to be more in place now than in past years and it feels really good.

*I learned I am happier in life when I exercise. I actually look forward to it.

*I learned how to travel with my kids. We went to Disney World and Branson a few times this year and each time was easier than the last on making it a great experience for us all.

*I learned that my kids are totally different when I am not around them, and dare I say better some times. I got to watch Noah at school and peek in on Ryan more at daycare and I got to witness that I am raising good, respectful children! They make like to give me a harder time than other people, but we all do that to those we love - just ask Nathan :)

*Losing a pet, even when it is long time coming and better for the pet, is really hard. (We miss Ozzie!)

For 2016 I have lots of wishes and hopes, but not many "resolutions" exactly.  Here are my predictions:

*We will be diaper free for the first time in almost 6 years!

*Noah will be reading me bedtime stories instead of me only reading to him.

*We will get to explore new places on some mini trips and a few bigger trips (Boston and a Disney Christmas maybe?)

*I will get to watch Nathan race again - which makes him happy, so therefore I am happy.

*We will take the kids camping for the first time.

*And of course lots more movie dates with the kids, four wheeler rides, trips to the park, swimming, and whatever else we can find to do. We love adventures!

Goodbye 2015, we were blessed throughout you and cannot wait to see how much better 2016 is going to be!


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