Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Gunn Family Chistmas

Last year we decided to start a new tradition of getting my dad's side of the family together in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. My dad doesn't have much family here so he usually tags along to my mom's family parties - it is always nice to have my parents together at parties since they divorced 30 years ago. So, we had our second annual Gunn Family Christmas last weekend. We went to my brothers house in Rogers last year and they have a big beautiful house with lots of space for hosting. This year we wanted to do it down here but none of us really had the space to host. So, I made us a reservation at Fat Dawgz BBQ. They have great food and the kids love playing in their kid area.

We wanted to do some kind of Christmas activity also and it just so happened that our town was having a Dive-In Movie and showing How the Grinch Stole Christmas at the indoor pool! They served popcorn and drinks and you could swim while watching the movie - so fun! All the kids had a great time! Ryan decided she wanted to swim on the stairs without me so I didn't even have to put my swimsuit on - which I was not looking forward to in December!

On Sunday we decided to make one last trip to Byrd's Adventure Center to eat at the restaurant. This was their last day open until March. It was raining and the water was really high and moving fast so it was neat to watch the big trees coming down while we were eating.

This is Noah's last week of school and then we are almost to Christmas! 2 week Christmas break from school, trip to Branson to see the Christmas lights, family parties, and Santa is coming! I love the holiday season!

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