Thursday, September 3, 2015

Us Lately...

We have been busy lately! We celebrated my niece Alex's birthday a few weeks ago. We had a pool party at her house - the kids had so much fun and keep asking when we can have Alex a party again :)

Kindergarten has been going great! Noah gets excited to go every day and I love getting to drop him off and pick him up daily (I know that sounds silly, but it is something I have always wanted to do) and he has been being very good at work with me once I pick him up. He is only at my office for an hour or so and he usually plays with his toys or colors and I am able to still work so it is working for now! I have Ryan's birthday presents hid in my office and Noah has has so much fun playing with her Elsa and Anna castles :)

Noah's teacher is constantly telling me how good he is and I was volunteering at his school and got to spy on him while he was walking down to the cafeteria and he stopped at the right spot the teacher had told them too, even when the leader of the line did not. She told him "thank you so much for being a good listener Noah" - that was a proud mommy moment :) I am going to be volunteering every Friday morning at Noah's school so I will also get to eat with him on Fridays - these are also two things I have ALWAYS wanted to get to do with my kid! We have done book orders and the book fair is coming up - I can't wait to go pick out some books with him - he LOVES books! I am hoping his good attitude and behavior last all year!

Other than that we have just been spending some family time at home cooking, a little Fall cleaning, playing games and making memories.

Ryan is the best gravy stirrer :)


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