Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Ryan Maelynn is 3!

Our Ryan is 3! We like to celebrate for a few days instead of just one - so we did a lot of celebrating! Saturday was Ryan's birthday party day! She started the day with waking up to Papa Bobby's gift - her Frozen castle!

 She wanted a Frozen party at the local petting zoo on a family farm - so we did a Frozen at the Farm theme. It really turned out cute! I did food themed with different parts of the movie and everyone seemed to enjoy it. The location was fun as always - petting zoo, games, bubble machine (Ryan's personal favorite), and train rides. She was blessed with lots of friends and family there to celebrate her!

Sunday we went to a Japanese Steakhouse after Church. Ryan wanted to watch the ninja chef hide the egg in his hat and for them to bring her a cupcake with a sparkler in it :)

When we got home we let Ryan open her present from us so she could have time to play with them. Since her actual birthday is Monday, and we have lots planned that day we won't have time for much playing that day. We got Ryan a baby doll armoir and a princess Anna dress to play dress up with. She really likes playing dress up! She also loves playing momma and taking care of her babies so this was a perfect gift for her.

Finally it was her actual birthday! As soon as I woke Noah up he said "I want to see Ryan, I bet she looks 3 now" :) Nathan, Noah and I all woke her up together singing and yelling "Happy Birthday!' Ryan is not the happiest in the morning, but she warmed up fast :) We took a few birthday pictures and then it was off to work and school. Ms. Laurie sent me pictures from lunch where all the kids had cupcakes together to celebrate Ryan. She said they sang to her and Ryan yelled "TO ME" during the name part of the song :) She loves getting some attention :)

Good morning birthday girl!

After school I picked Noah up and we met the babysitter in town to get Ryan early so we could take her picture at the local hotel sign that put her birthday on the sign. Then it was off to get Daddy for some fun at Toys R Us and Chuck E. Cheese! We let Ryan pick one toy out at Toys R Us - she chose a Frozen Anna sled toy - imagine that :) Then we played games and had pizza at Chuck E. Cheese and I brought a cupcake so we could sing to her one last time :)

On the way home from Chuck E. Cheese I told Nathan I felt she was properly celebrated :) It is so crazy that she is already 3 years old! It is so hard to remember life with just one kid and really hard to know what we did all the time with no kids (besides sleep) :) She had the most dramatic beginning (you can read all about it again here if you want) and still likes to be dramatic - but I am ok with that. She brings so much to our lives we would be missing otherwise!

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