Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Movies, Pumpkins, and the Park!

We really stuffed a lot of fun and memories in last weekend! First of all we finally got to go to the movies again! We have been waiting for a kid movie to come out since June to take both kids to again! Hotel Transylvania 2 was very good! Noah laughed so loud through the whole thing and Ryan even got up and danced a little. It kept the kids attention very well and Nathan and I liked it too!

He laughed SO  hard - it was contagious :)

We got up bright and early Saturday morning and picked up my mom and headed to my niece Maddie's birthday party at Farmland Adventures in Springdale. We have went to this pumpkin patch with my brother and his family for a few years now, so it was fun to have a birthday party there this time. We got to go on a giant wagon ride to feed cows, do a corn maze, mini hay maze, play on hay bales, watch pig races (Noah and Ryan each got picked to be the lead cheerleader for a pig in the race), ride bikes, play instruments, play on a rope course, play in a corn box, pony rides, petting zoo and buying pumpkins and gourds! It is such an awesome place! Maddie had a great party and it was fun watching the kids play with their cousins!

Feeding horses on the wagon ride

Volunteering to be the leader cheerer for the pigs!

Pig races

Happy Birthday Maddie

Corn Maze

Corn Maze

Bike rides

Rope course

Making Music :)

Playing in the corn

A story I want to record here for my momma memories happened on the way home from the pumpkin patch. We stopped at a restaurant for lunch before heading home. Ryan finished her food and wanted to walk around our table. I normally don't let her, but since we were about to be in the car for a while I let her but told her to stay close to the table. She was taking the extra coasters from the table and lining them up on the half wall by our table. Unfortunately she didn't realize there were stairs on the other side of this wall. She fell down the stairs and I jumped up to go to her and bumped into our waitress who then dropped her tray of food she was carrying. We were quite the spectacle! The waitress was very nice and understanding and just kept laughing and saying "it happens, it's no big deal". Fortunately Ryan was not hurt, but that didn't stop her from screaming like she was. I went ahead and took the kids to the car and my mom got the check - I told her to be sure to tip her good! Ahhhhh memories!

Sunday we went to church and then headed to Spadra park to celebrate my niece Emma's first birthday! The kids love this park because it is pirate ship themed. So, they played pirates for most of the party time. We did drag them over to watch Emma open gifts and have some cake. Then we walked the kids down to show them where Daddy proposed. We watched the train go by and Daddy made them a leaf boat. It was such a nice ending to our weekend!

Happy Birthday Emma!

Pirate park

Watching the train

The leaf boat Daddy made him :)
We have 7 birthdays within 2 weeks of each other in September - we are usually partying for a while but it is so much fun getting together and celebrating everyone! The kids are at such a fun age and I love taking them most everywhere with me - it may not be as easy, but their observations and questions are just so fun! They are even making grocery store trips fun! Last week at the grocery store I let them pick out stuff to make their own pizzas. They had the best time making these pizzas. I was impressed with how well they did and how good they tasted! I am hoping these memories stay with them forever!

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