Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

And we are ready! Well, mostly - still need a few gifts - but the house is all decorated and we are definitely in the spirit! It has been really cold outside so I decided on the next warm day we got (it is Arkansas, I knew we still had a warm day coming) I would hang our Christmas lights. Well, that came on the day after Thanksgiving - perfect timing! So, I hung all our lights on the house and then had Nathan help me with the blow ups for the roof (we put ours up on the roof to keep the dogs and cats from tearing them up).

Thumbs up!

Ryans reaction once I took her out to see :)

We are real tree people - the smell, the look - I just cannot get enough of them! I swear I have already said "that tree smells so good" 100 times - Noah actually asked me if I was going to say that every day until Christmas - yes son, I will. There was slim pickins' on trees but the one we got is perfect! It was so full and had no bad spots! Noah said it was "way more awesomer" than all the other ones there! Then the kids decided they wanted baby real trees for their rooms. They picked them up and looked at us with those big blue eyes and said "please" - so we ended up with those too :)

I decided to go with the less is more approach again this year - I just like having a few simple decorations out instead of everything Christmas we have got - we have a lot of stuff. So, I pulled out my favorites and it looks just right. Noah, Ryan and I decorated the tree. Well, actually Noah and I decorated it while Ryan slept but we saved her a few ornaments to put on the tree. Daddy took his typical role of helping make sure the tree was straight and the star was on and the "supervising" the actual decorating from the couch :) We got new lights for the tree this year and they are SO cool! Noah found them at the store and once he showed them to me I just HAD to have them! Of course they only had one box but we luckily found the last box at another store too! They switch from all colored lights to all white lights - the best of both worlds!

The lights go from this...

to this :)

Noahs tree in his room :)

Ryan's tree in her room :)

Our stockings :)

Some simple pretties for the season :)

We have been watching Christmas movies non-stop, doing Christmas crafts, visited Santa for the annual Santa photo, and anything else we can find to do Christmas related! We have the parade coming up and some Christmas lights to look at  - and before we know it, Santa will be in town!

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