Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy 33rd Birthday Nathan!

We celebrated Nathan's 33rd birthday this weekend! I believe everyone should have a special day once a year to celebrate them - even if it is just dinner and a cake (or brownies) with a candle. I gave Nathan a few ideas of things to do for his birthday and he chose to go to Ft. Smith to eat and shop. So, we had his mom watch the kids and off we went! Before we left we had Noah take a picture of us - it was SO funny. He said "ok, now stand right up next to eachother, look right here, say cheese! Ok, now lets take a silly face one. Good job guys!" - he has heard all of these a few times before :)

Thanks Noah :)

We couldn't decide where to eat so we decided to eat lunch and then shop and then dinner too before we went home :) So, we went to our favorite TGI Fridays for lunch and to watch the first half of the Razorback game. We then went to Toys R Us and finished our Santa shopping for the kids! Done before Thanksgiving!! Then we went to a few other stores and Nathan decided he wanted to sit in the car and listen to the game while I ran in and got what we needed. So, he got to hear the Razorabacks shut out Ole Miss and I got to get Ryan some shirts that would reach her waist and get rid of the flesh belt she has been having lately :) It was a win-win! We then went to Academy - Nathans favorite store! The past few times we have went there we had the kids with us and they were not cooperating so it was nice this time to walk all around quietly and look at everything. We ended our evening with Olive Garden :)

The next day was Nathan's actual birthday. So, Noah and I got up early and Noah made him a craft while I made brownies and cooked breakfast. The smoke detector usually goes off while I am cooking, partially due to it's bad location and partially due to my cooking. It pretty much goes off every time I cook bacon though and this year was no exception. Nathan even recorded it going off this year and posted it on Facebook - he better just be glad I have a good sense of humor :) It was all edible though - or he ate it and didn't get sick anyway :) We gave him his gifts next - I got him some enlarged framed prints of his car racing. He got to open his other present earlier in the week. He was online about to send an email to get a sponsor to send him a nitrous bottle warmer so before he did that I had to fess up that I had already bought him one so he didn't need to do that :)

He likes fire more than I am comfortable with :/

We went to church and out to eat Mexican food and then just hung around the house watching movies and playing with the kids for the rest of the day. He said he had a good birthday and acted like he liked his gifts :) Now, on to Thanksgiving!

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