Monday, November 17, 2014

A "Yes" Weekend :)

We had a weekend where I said "yes" to most everything the kids asked for - love when I am able to do that. We started out Friday night with going to the movies to see Big Hero 6. Noah asked to see it but I wasn't sure about taking Ryan to the movies yet. The preview came on and she laughed and laughed at it, so I took it as a sign :) Nathan had a friend in from out of state and was gone visiting with him a majority of the weekend, so I decided to brave the movies alone with both kids for Ryan's first time at the movies. I really wasn't sure how this was going to go.

The lines were long, but the kids stayed right by my side and were awesome. We got our food and while going in the movie door Noah went in first and Ryan ran into the corner of the door and hit her head and fell and started screaming, then Noah came back out to check on her and spilled some popcorn. So, there I was sitting in the hallway of the movie theater in a pile of popcorn with a screaming kid - I was doubting my decision at that point. Luckily, I was able to get them together and get them in right before the movie started. Ryan stared at the screen from the moment I got her in there until an hour into the movie. She sat in her own seat and ate popcorn and drank her water and was perfect. After an hour she stood up some, and sat in my lap some, but was never disruptive and never stopped watching the movie. I was shocked at how well she did. Noah was awesome too. He still hasn't got the whisper thing down, but other than that he was great. He laughed harder than I have ever heard him laugh. Then the main character died and he looked at me with big tears in his eyes and his lip out and said "momma, this is going to make me really cry". I was thinking surely they are not going to kill off the main character, so I took a chance and told him that he was not really dead and to just wait and see. Well, he did die, but luckily they made a new one (he was a robot) so then he looked at me and said he was going to cry now because he was so happy! :) He was really into this movie!

Saturday morning we had our family pictures. Those are always an adventure. Ryan was not wanting to take them, at all. Especially without Momma right there with her. Noah was the same way at age 2, so I know it will get better, so I just have to take what she will give us for now. We got more crying and pouting pictures from her than anything, but once the skittles came out and I got her to say she wanted a green one, it looked like she was smiling! So I would say "what color skittle do you want?" and she would say "greeeeeen" and we would all look and smile - we finally got a good picture! She loved throwing leaves outside and started loosening up a little once the session was over of course :) As promised, they both got their toy for taking family pictures - I am all about a good bribe :)

Greeeeeeen! ;)

The rest of our weekend was spent doing crafts, wrestling, watching Christmas movies, having a plastic food picnic in the living room, a dance off, doing puzzles, and eating Halloween candy (I swear that bucket will never be empty). The kids are at such a fun age for some weekends full of nothing but memories being made :)

Monkey see, monkey do :)

Best friends :)

Noah loves doing crafts :)

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