Monday, October 15, 2012

Ryan Maelynn is 1 month!

I have been a bad blogger and we have some catching up to do! I stayed at home with Ryan for two weeks and once again very quickly realized I am not meant to stay at home! I was not allowed to drive for two weeks either - which was totally annoying! I do not like depending on others for anything or having to have help with things, so I was so glad to be able to handle things again. Nathan got a stomach bug a week after I had Ryan, so that was a test for sure! Thankfully we have great families who helped us out and drove me where I needed to be and even came over and helped pick Noah up  for bath and bedtime since I wasn't allowed to. I am still technically not supposed to be lifting Noah, but any mom that can go 6 weeks without picking her two year old deserves an award! I am healing very fast and have no pain in doing most anything. I am a habitual rule follower so it is difficult for me to break this rule - but I think it was a little much. We also had people bring us food every night for the first week! Some nights we even got two meals! We were very well taken care of for sure. But, after me and Ryan's two week check-ups we were ready to get back out in the world!

We have now been at work for two weeks and she is just an awesome baby at work! She pretty much sleeps and eats and she lets me get alot done surprisingly! Only two more weeks and she will be joining Noah at Ms. Lauries.

Now, here are the highlights of what Ryan's up to now:

* She weighs around 9 pounds and is still 21 inches long! The normal weight gain is an ounce a day and she has been averaging two ounces a day - healthy girl! She is a good and quick eater! It took Noah about 45 minutes to eat and she only takes about 20!

* She can be a very good sleeper. The first two nights were pretty rough, then she started sleeping 6-7 hours in a row! Now she will sleep anywhere from 2-7 hours at a time. We haven't got a good routine established yet. I am hoping to get that done in the next few weeks on my end and hope she cooperates. I do not mind at all to get up with her every 2-3 hours (that is expected of a newborn) but I prefer the 6-7 hours stretches so I am hoping that she decides to make that a more regular occurrence soon :)

* She is still comfortably in newborn clothes, and some 0-3 months are not too big.

* She is still in newborn diapers and unless she does some major growing soon, she will be for a little while longer. They are still fitting her good.

* She tends to grunt and choke in her sleep alot. So, we asked her doctor about it at her 2 week check-up. He put her on Zantac for silent reflux (silent because she isn't actually spitting up, just choking on it). After I started her on the Zantac she would spit-up, which was odd since it was supposed to prevent that. So, we had an Upper GI done on her and it came back normal. So, her doctor thinks that her stomach is not mature enough for how much she is eating (since she is gaining weight so fast) and it should just work itself out. So, we have to have her sleep elevated (not ideal since I can't put the apnea monitor on her while she is elevated) - so she sleeps in her nap nanny or swing. Hopefully this gets better soon - Nathan and I do not like having to constantly check on her to make sure she isn't choking throughout the night.

* Noah is loving having a baby in the house! We were all worried and it is usually the first thing people ask us about. He pretty much ignored her at first, but now he doesn't like her being upstairs if he is downstairs or he doesn't like us in the car and Daddy bringing her out in a minute. He wants us all together - it is cute. We let our waitress hold her Sunday and he cried because she walked off with her! It made me so happy :)

Here are some one month snap-shots in the same rocker recliner that Noah had in his room and all of his monthly pictures done in:

It is so cute when she crosses her eyes trying to focus on things :)

My smiley girl :)

She already loves pinky!

(We will have Pinky in each months picture to compare her size as she grows)

Noah doesn't let her get too far away

Happy One Month to Our Sweet Ryan!

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