Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Power of Prayer

I believe in praying. I have had so many prayers answered. For the last 6 years, a majority of  my prayers had to deal with getting pregnant, staying pregnant, and healthy children. Due to infertility, Nathan and I both prayed alot to get pregnant and our prayers were finally answered, in God's time and in his way. With Noah, God led us to the fertility clinic and to the doctors to help us with our miracle child we had been trying for, for 4 years. Then we decided to try on our own the second time since the doctors could never diagnose a specific problem with our infertility. After only 7 months of trying this time, God answered our prayer. I immediately thanked God and began praying for a healthy baby.

At 17 weeks along I started experiencing complications with my pregnancy. I was really worried I was miscarrying. My doctor said there was no evidence of anything wrong that could be diagnosed at that time. So, we did all we could do, we prayed harder for a healthy baby.

I now know that my baby's cord was not properly inserted into the placenta (a condition known as Velamentous Insertion) - a high percentage of these pregnancies do not make it past 12 weeks and they are usually forced to deliver at 35 weeks after bedrest to avoid a stillbirth. I also now know my baby had a prolapsed cord - if she would have put pressure on the cord, it would have cut off her blood and oxygen supply and she would have been stillborn or brain damaged. So, the odds were, unknowingly to us, stacked against our baby girl. Thankfully, we prayed when we thought things were fine - because to our surprise, they were very much not.

I now know how lucky I am to have two healthy children, and you better believe I pray every day and thank God for that and to continue his protection on us. This helped me realize that it is just as important to pray when things are going good as it is when life is tough. So, my advice to you is to pray, pray hard, and pray often - especially when things are going good, they may not be going as good as you think.

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  1. That is a lesson we all need to learn! I'm so glad everything turned out for baby Ryan! What another beautiful gift you have been blessed with. She is beautiful.