Monday, October 29, 2012

Annual Fall Drive & Pumpkin Carving

Nathan and I have went on a drive to look at all the pretty fall leaves for years now. I was excited because this was Ryan's first year to get to go. After church and lunch we headed out. We went to our usual spot and took pictures as a family of four (of course we had to do that in shifts so we were not all in the same picture - but you get the idea). The spot was beautiful as always and Noah had so much fun playing with sticks and weeds - he is easy to please :)

Our Spot :)

We then went home and carved pumpkins. This was Noah's first year to really get into it. He wanted to be right there with Nathan as he gutted them and me as I carved the faces. He just kept saying "Whoah" - it was so cute. I had bought the bigger pumpkin to put Ryan in like I did Noah when he was younger but she is too little - she can't hold her head up and the pumpkin was too low so it just didn't work :(

The before picture...

Hey - what is going on in there?!

Kisses for his pumpkin ;)


Fall is by far my favorite season and we had a great fall weekend!

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