Tuesday, September 4, 2012

No Labor Labor Day Weekend!

I had a 4 day weekend and loved every minute of it! Friday I went to my weekly doctors appointment and got checked for the first time - dilated to almost 2 centimeters! YAY! He did say I was still pretty thick and high though - which I find impossible for this baby to be considered high, it feels so low! I feel it moving around way under my waistline. So, I have been sitting upright and walking to help with pressure and thinning out. I am hoping for more progress! He said this Friday we will discuss stripping my membrane and inducing. He said by the 12th he would like to have an induction plan, especially since Noah was large and I had a 3rd degree episiotomy with him - they don't want this baby to get too big. Once my appointment was over I headed to get my haircut and a pedicure. My brother and his wife got me a pedicure back in June for my birthday but I wanted to save it until closer to my due date to use it. It was awesome! I haven't had one since my wedding 6 years ago!

Saturday Noah and I spent the day together. It was opening day for Razorback football and Nathan went to the game so Noah and I wore our razorback shirts and were there in spirit. I could have went to the game, but the thought of walking to the stadium and to the seats and sitting for hours was too much. Plus I didn't want to be 2 hours away from my doctor. Nathan told me to call him if I went into labor and they would rush back - but both his and his friends phone died, so thank God I didn't go into labor - he would have missed it for sure! I wanted to take Noah to the local community center to run around and so I could walk some in the air conditioning. Well, a family had the entire building rented out for a birthday party so we had to settle for a sweaty park trip! I am really trying to pack in as much one on one time with Noah as I can. I also took Noah back to the razorback rocks in town to take his picture just like I did on opening day of football last year. He wasn't exactly wanting to pose with the razorback rock, but he loved the ones that said GO - he insisted they said Noah on them :) I didn't have help corraling him and the sun was behind my head so he is squinting or his eyes were closed - but we did the best we could.

Sunday, after church, we met my dad and brother and his family out at the lake for a cookout and to let the kids play in the water. Noah loved it! He had so much fun playing with Aunt Kesha and his dad while I took pictures and tried to not get too hot. Monday we stayed at home playing and cleaning house except for a quick trip to Nathan's parents house for some homemade ice cream.

I managed to not go into labor this weekend but I make no promises for next! :)

My little Razorback fan at the park :)

Momma and Noah at the park - as you can see I am glistening and he found a treasure on the slide :/

Woo Pig Sooie!

"Noah Momma"! HA!

This was as good as it got with the Razorback rock - I will take it though!

Swinging with Dada

My adorable nephew Greyson :)

This boy is stick obsessed!

My boys playing in the sand :)

My beautiful niece Eliza Nell

Making sand castles

Cooling off with his stick, of course

Making a sand castle with Aunt Kesha

Trying to make his stick part of his castle :)

"DAAAA" (Noah's version of Ta-Da!)

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