Monday, August 1, 2016

Little Mister Johnson County 2016

If there is one thing Noah likes, it is being on stage! So, we just had to enter him in the Little Mister Johnson County pageant last year. He had the best time and ended up getting first runner-up and audience favorite! Due to his age, he was able to be in the pageant again this year and he was SO excited to do it again! I learned a few things from last year that made this year a little easier. One thing was to buy his suits on Easter clearance while they are available - July is not a common time to find suits for little boys. So, we handled that part back in April. I was also informed that the interview is the most important part so if he did good there, then he would be good overall! Well, I was asking him some practice questions that were on his information sheet we turned in for the pageant. When I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up he said he wanted to be a super hero and asked if he could maybe wear his batman shirt under his suit to show the judges - it was such a cute idea! I can't believe I didn't think of it!

First thing was rehearsal. He practiced walking on the stage and introducing himself. Then they did a practice on stage question. They asked him his favorite color and why. He said "green, because grass is green and flowers grow in the grass and I love picking my mom flowers"  - talk about melting my heart! He is the sweetest kid ever! (And no, that was not rehearsed or anything, that is just how his sweet mind works).

The next morning was his interview. He told me all the questions they asked and what his answers were and it sounded like he did great! I asked him if they asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up and he said "yep, so I opened my shirt and told them I was a super hero already but it was a secret so they couldn't tell" :) He said when he left they said "bye Batman, I mean Noah, sorry I forgot it was a secret" - so it sounds like they were playing along and had fun with it :)

That night it was showtime! Noah did great introducing himself and even winked :) His onstage question was what he liked to play outside, his answer was "Dinosaurs" with a big smile on his face :) All that was left after that was the announcement of the winner. I knew all the boys in the competition this year and knew that any of them would be a great winner so that made the wait easier. Noah was voted audience favorite again and won the title of Little Mister Johnson County 2016! The look on his face was priceless! He was very excited! When we were back stage taking pictures he said "can we come here every day and take pictures?" :) We celebrated with a very late dinner at Wendy's and Noah said "is my new "Little Mister job going to keep me out this late every night?" He is taking his title very serious :)

"My name is Noah Stillwell and I am 6 years old"

1st Runner-up Asher, Noah, Koen - Most Photogenic

Noah's title duties started the next day! We had to attend the first night of the Miss Arkansas Valley Outstanding Teen, Miss Arkansas Valley and Queen Elberta so Noah could be announced as reigning royalty and go on stage.

He always knows where mom is and he always knows I am taking a picture
Saturday he was invited to attend the Royalty Luncheon with all the reigning royalty, past royalty and the contestants for the pageants ending that night. Ryan and I attended with him. Of course, Ryan had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the speeches. I came back to the table and Noah was gone! They were in the middle of announcing all the reigning royalty so I thought maybe they already announced him and he is up there somewhere. Nope. They announced him next and asked me where he was. So, there I was in front of everyone having no clue where my kid was! The guy beside me said "I think he went to the bathroom". So, I got to make that announcement to everyone too - we were making a great impression I am sure ;) Luckily he came in about a minute later and they announced him again :) Noah got a little bored towards the end of the luncheon and it was also nap time - but he pushed through. 

That night was the crowning of the new royalty he would be serving with this year. Once again they announced him at the beginning of the pageant as reigning royalty. Then we had to wait about 2 hours for the pageant to be over and take some pictures. Luckily Noah played on his phone quietly the whole time and I actually enjoyed watching the pageant - there was some awesome talent for the talent part and great on-stage questions. He also got to meet the newly crowned Miss Arkansas Savvy Shields!

Noah and Miss Arkansas
Once the pageant was over we were ready for the photos with the new queens. Noah was asked to kiss the new Queen Elberta on the cheek for a picture. He quickly informed them that he doesn't kiss people he doesn't know and to check back with him later! I seriously never know what he is going to say! 

Sorry, no kisses! :)
All the 2016 Royalty!
We are SO excited to get to represent Johnson County this year and it looks like it will be full of all kinds of fun adventures! Noah is just beside himself with excitement for his first ribbon-cutting ceremony - our new McDonald's!!  I foresee lots of laughter and memories being made this year!

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