Monday, August 22, 2016

1st Week of 1st Grade!

Well, after the fast most jam-packed summer ever it was time to head to 1st grade! Last year, since it was Kindergarten and our oldest child it was definitely more of an exciting experience than this year. This year was more worry for me - since we had such a great Kindergarten experience, having to leave all that behind and move on to a whole other part of the school and all new rules and teacher was just a lot to me. Noah, of course was fine with it. He was a little nervous, but he usually just goes with the flow and easily adapts to new environments.

I had a bad guilt trip on the first day of school! I was told last year that moms are not allowed to walk 1st graders to class, so on the first day of school I  just drove up to the curb and dropped him off. My first clue should have been that I was the ONLY one in the drop off line, but I didn't think much about it. Then I saw all kind of pictures of moms in Noahs class and other 1st grade classes walking their kids in and taking them to class! I felt SO bad! This is the last time I am a rule follower! :) I did talk to a mom from Noahs class and she said he was all smiles walking in and didn't seem to mind. I didn't say anything to him about it because I felt bad and didn't want him to think I just didn't want to do it, but stuck with that I wasn't supposed to. Before school he kept asking me how many hours school was. I told him 7 and he acted worried. I assured him that is how long he went last year and it will fly by. The first thing he said after school was "Mom, that didn't feel like 7 hours at all!"

All ready with his Avengers backpack :)

Noah got in trouble and had to walk at recess on the second day for talking too much - shocker! But other than that he didn't get in any trouble - that I know of anyway :) He says his teacher is really nice and he is meeting up with his Kindergarten friends on the playground - which made me very happy - love those boys! There were more changes in 1st grade from Kindergarten than I realized - and though they seem small, they take some getting used to (No smiley store, no water bottles on the desks, no bathrooms in the class, no snacks from home, nightly homework) but Noah has took it all in stride. I cannot wait to start the Accelerated Reader program - I am hoping Noah loves to read since me and his father are not big readers!

I think it is going to be a great year for him - and for me too! I got to go back to volunteering on Friday and it was just what I needed! I seriously love getting to help out at the school and love the girls I get to volunteer with! Since it was the first week the teachers didn't have much they needed done so we just did extra work for our childrens teachers - like copying the reading homework for the whole year :)  That school has such a fun and thankful environment - we are always laughing :)

Not to be forgotten is Ryan's first day of daycare as the oldest kid there! I cannot believe my baby is the oldest at daycare already! She had a great first week and was the only kid not to get any timeouts all week - which I am pretty sure is a first! She loves all the little girls at daycare and helping to take care of them and loves playing with Logan too :) Only one more first day of daycare and then she will be in Kindergarten - and I know all too well now that it will be here before I know it!

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