Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Perfect Saturday...

Saturday was just one of those good days. The really good ones that I once dreamed about and now love looking back on. I got the kids up and we got them dressed all cute for some pumpkin patch pictures. The kids had so much fun! They loved picking out their very own pumpkins - they both went with green pumpkins this year. We did the haunted maze and the kids picked out a bunch of gourds to put in my bicycle we have decorating the porch.

My mom got me this bike planter for my birthday and I love trying to find new ways to decorate it with the changing seasons!

From there we went to me and the kids favorite - Cracker Barrel (or the Barrel place as they call it). They know if they are good while we eat we will get a little something from the country store on the way out :) They ate their "pannatakes" (as Ryan says) like angels :) I even found the perfect sign for my china cabinet that I had been searching for!

The perfect sign I found for the china cabinet!

We then went home and the kids played while I cleaned house. The kids just love to have time to sit and play without having to rush to get ready for bed or get ready to go somewhere - so they were happy with about 3 hours of interrupted play time! Then it was time to head to the Haunted Hay Maze! We got to the farm about 30 minutes before dark so the kids enjoyed feeding the animals, playing pumpkin tick-tac-toe, going to "jail", playing air hockey, and riding the rocking horses. Then it was time for the maze! I wasn't sure how they would do or what to expect - it had been 2 years since we had went to a haunted maze together and Ryan had never been. I carried Ryan and held Noah's hand. They both squeezed on me when something would jump out, but then laughed - they loved it! They liked it so much we went through 3 times before heading for some Happy Meals!

We wished Daddy would have been with us - but he had to work and then there was a big race at our local dragstrip he wanted to go to. It was just a really good day - the kids were good, the weather was perfect, and memories were made!

I was lucky enough to have Columbus Day off Monday. I decided to use it to clean some stuff out of our house. I took 4 boxes to donate at a local church, 6 bags to the Pregnancy Help Center, 4 boxes to the consignment store, and 4 bags and a box of stuff to the recycle center! Then I went to the grocery store to get the stuff I forgot on Friday when I was there, cleaned the bathrooms, did all the laundry, did the dishes, and cleaned a big part of Nathan's shop. I even managed to surprise Noah at school for lunch (When he saw me he said "It's not even Wednesday yet and you are eating with me!" - he cracks me up. He kept wanting to take silly pictures on my phone - I just love having special one on one time with him) So, basically I kicked Columbus Day's butt! I just love having that an extra day off every now and then to get some extra stuff done so I can spend more time making memories on the other days :)

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