Monday, January 12, 2015

Fun with our racing friends :)

It was finally the weekend Nathan and I had been waiting on for months - the banquet for the racing association he is part of. The banquet was in Kansas City, Missouri so we got to have a little adult vacation - we don't have too many of those so we were excited. We got there late Friday night and met everyone for dinner and then went to a really cool bar. It was an old warehouse so it was huge and had pool tables, a mechanical bull, photographer, and a huge dance floor. I am not a drinker, but we had a driver so I decided to drink a few of the shots that the husbands kept bringing over to the table. Then I remembered why I am not a drinker - I like to be in control too much and shots do not help you be in control. That will most likely be the last time I drink - it is just not my thing. I prefer being the designated driver much more! But, I did still manage to have a great time! I just love our racing friends - they are all such good people that are so much fun to hang out with.

The next day we all hang out at the mall, had lunch, looked at cars (imagine that :) ) and then it was time for the banquet. The banquet was held in a big shop - there was pizza, beer, wine, jello shots and a moonshine table! (The water and coke were good too) :) I got to see some of my favorite Missourians there - The Knowles family! They awarded all the awards for the 2014 season and gave away lots of door prizes - we got some food gift cards which are always good for us non-cooking people. Nathan presented the guy that runs the association with some gifts from all the racers (well, one gag gift that ended up coming home with us - sneaky people). Nathan didn't win anything this season - and honestly that would just have been a bonus. He has such a great time just going to the track and hanging out with all the people there that winning a race would just really top it all off. We have high hopes for 2015 season, but he has a lot to do to get ready. He broke on the last race last year, so that caused some adjusting to what all had to be done in the off season.

We stayed with a really nice couple (fellow racer and his wife) while we were there. They were awesome to open their beautiful home up to us and chauffeur us around everywhere while we were there.  We had lunch with them on Sunday before we headed back home to the kids. Luckily the ice held off and we made it home in time to spend some time with the kids before bed. It was a good adult weekend, but there is no place like home :)

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