Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Goodbye Racing Season, Hello Holidays!

Lately we have been busy finishing up racing season. He had a good but expensive racing season this year. He set some goals and as far as I know met pretty much all of them. Before a race we would say something like "today we will go (fill in the blank speed/time)" and for the most part that always happened. Nathan's knowledge on car stuff really amazes me - he laughed at me when I told him this, but he speaks a foreign language when it comes to racing. I know most engine parts (not what they do, I can just identify them) but he will get on the laptop and say something about "turning the retard down and phasing the distributor back in and ramping the something or another up" and on and on (for the record I have no idea if any of that is what he actually says, but it is how I remember it) and it just impresses me when it all falls in to place. He works on his own stuff and knows everything about it. He also make me feel involved and important. This is a big deal. I help him however I can, and usually don't feel like I help that much, but he always thanks me and tells me how much help I am. The kids and I are his number one fans. We can't wait until the kids are a little older and can come to the races with us. Right now, all I would do would be to get onto them the whole time because it is not little kid friendly and that is not fair to them. We also hope to be able to get an RV in a few years and then we can all stay in it at the races together.

Autographs :)

Trying to figure out the best strategy :)

Even at the times Nathan was not able to compete at a race, just hanging out with all the other racers is fun. The people Nathan races with are good people - we made lots of new friends this year. Nathan won a few different races this year and was pretty competitive. During his last race of the year, his car broke about 100 feet from the finish line. I guess if there was ever good timing for that to happen, that was it. Now his winter of fixing it will begin - after my list of "honey dos" I have been saving until race season was over.

Other than racing, we have been spending a lot of time with the kids doing fun things and getting ready for fall - pumpkin patch, carving pumpkins, football games, playing at the park, and four wheeler rides. We are ready for racing off season and the holidays!

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