Monday, September 15, 2014

Ryan is 2!

Most people say they can't believe how fast kids grow, and while I feel that way about Noah, for some reason I always feel like Ryan is older than she is. Maybe it is because she is my second child, but I can't remember life before her as well as I can Noah so it just seems like she has been here longer than she has.

I gave Ryan her gifts from me before church - a cradle and highchair for her baby dolls. She loved them! She fed her babies and put them in the cradle by counting to 3 and put their covers on them the same way I do to her every night, it was SO cute :) Nathan decided she needed a gun since he had gotten Noah one at this age, so a pink .22 is what he got her!

We then went to church and I was happy she didn't have to switch class rooms yet. She literally just started willingly going in and not crying a few months ago so I didn't want to interrupt that with a new classroom and teachers already. Thankfully, the classes were combined so the 2 year olds got to stay put for a while. They did tell me they would work on slowly transitioning her, and I knew they would, but it was good to hear that they cared. After church we went to a local hotel that put Ryans birthday on their sign and to get her a Happy Meal (her birthday lunch of choice).

Then we went by my moms house to let her open her My Twinn doll. We sent them Ryan's picture and they made a doll to resemble her. She was not loving it at first, but warmed up to her later. We then went home and let her open her present from Noah. I let him go and pick her out a toy for her birthday each year. This year he picked a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for her. He was so proud that he helped wrap it and was telling her how to unwrap it. She loved it and they actually played nicely with it for a while together :)

Then Daddy came home! He had been gone to the races and Ryan was very happy he was home (for a few minutes anyway - then she was Mommas girl again, until he got the chips out) :) Nathans parents always come over on Sundays so they stopped by and brought Ryan a gift - a pink princess castle! The kids played with that non-stop until bedtime! Daddy even got in for a little while :)

Since Nathan was gone this weekend, we are having Ryan's party next weekend. So, there will be another post and pictures from the day we all get together and celebrate our little princess turning 2!

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