Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My Best Friends Wedding

Before we get to the wedding, let's back up to where this all started. I knew Chance growing up, he and my brother were friends so he spent lots of time at our house. Cassie and I have been friends since we were little also. Our dads worked together and we would have play dates when we were little (sorry about that whole falling asleep during the tea party thing Cassie :) ) Flashing forward many years, I ran into Chance at Tech in the parking pass line. He told me if I had any single friends to hook him up - I told him I had this one friend Cassie and that I thought they would be good together. He was all for the hook-up, Cassie on the other hand was not sure about dating someone younger than us. I kept mentioning Cassie to Chance and Chance to Cassie over the next few years and finally just gave up on them ever getting together. Then I got a phone call at about 3:00 a.m. from Cassie from a bar on Dickson Street. The conversation went something like this: Cassie- "Hey, guess who I just ran into at the bar? Chance! You were right, he is cute!" Chance- "Jessie, we finally met but she didn't even know my name" Me - "Smooth Cassie, real smooth. Well, I am glad you guys found each other and I would love to hear more about it not at 3:00 a.m." Cassie - "We gotta go, bye!"

Not long after that Chance moved to Hawaii to work as a chef. Cassie went to "visit" him a few months later. Then I got another phone call from Cassie (this time not in the middle of the night thankfully) that she was not coming back and asked me to put her stuff in storage. I was so happy for her (and a little concerned and honestly a little jealous too) - this was going to be an amazing time in her life. Cassie and Chance have been together ever since. She finally found someone to love her in the way she has always deserved and that I prayed for her to find for so long. I love hearing about their adventures and I vicariously live through her sometimes :)

I was SO excited when they got engaged and then a little sad the wedding was going to be in Hawaii. Then overly excited when the wedding got moved to Arkansas and I was asked to be Matron of Honor! I have never held that title before and was SO happy to get to! They got married at a lake house in Eureka Springs. The pictures online of this house were nice, but it was amazing in person! I loved it! The wedding was on the front porch and the reception on the back porch and gazebo. Everything turned out so simple and beautiful - a perfect combination. Noah was her ring bearer and he was the cutest little thing ever! I may have heavily bribed him but it was worth it. About 30 minutes before the wedding I could not find him anywhere, then I found him swinging at the swingset with his head down and a sad look on his face. As he got closer to me I could see why he was so sad - he had fell in a mud puddle. In his wedding clothes. Before pictures and the wedding. I knew if I yelled at him he would melt down, so I had to stay calm. I took him inside and got him washed off while he was saying "I am sorry I did that" over and over. Thankfully after about 30 wet napkins and spraying his shoes off I was able to get the mud off or lighten it to where you couldn't see it in pictures. He is always keeping me on his toes I swear!

The ceremony was beautiful! They wrote their own vows (something I always wanted to do but was too shy to do that in front of everyone). I really had to try not to cry, especially with the bride, groom, most of the bridesmaids and guests crying. After the ceremony it was time for the amazing food Chance and his chef friends prepared - it was all SO good! I am not one to try new things but I was trying it all and then asking what I was eating. Since I don't cook I am amazed by even the simplest cooking, so this stuff was blowing my mind! It did give me the desire to want to cook more, but that is only part of my problem, the talent still is not there :)

We stayed at the reception until about 10:00 then had to get Noah to the hotel to sleep - he was partied out :) I just loved everything about that whole day. Getting to see old friends, watching two awesome people declare their love, eating good food, watching Noah play and make friends, and just making awesome memories. I can't wait to see what the future holds for Cassie and Chance and I hope to get to make it out to visit them in Hawaii in the future!

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  1. Lovely wedding. I am really happy to see this awesome wedding. It reminded me of my wedding at one of NYC wedding venues. My sister along with wedding planners managed everything at the event. Delicious food and wine was served that was loved by everyone. In all had a great time.