Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Water Babies :)

Last summer we got rained out of the water park 10 times! We only made it once all summer (minus the time we only got to swim 15 minutes before a kid used the bathroom in the pool and we had to leave). We have been rained out once this summer so far but finally did make it! Most of my family is off on Fridays so we try to meet there some when we can. It was overcast and looked like it could rain at any minute but we were able to go and swim for a few hours and have a great time!

I just went to the swim store and said I will take one of everything :)

Noah loves his cousins :)

Swimming out over his head like a big boy :)

Lazy River!

Lazy River!

Water Babies!

Dad and Greyson in the Lazy River :)
The next day we went to my brother and his girlfriends house for a cookout to celebrate my birthday and my other brothers birthday. We played and swam and opened gifts and had cake - it was a good party :)

My fruit kabobs I made :)

I can't get over how cute she is in all her swim gear :)

Swimming with my babies :)

My birthday cake - banana split cake from Sweet Treats!
After that we went to a fireworks show in the next town over. We got there a little early and watched from the softball fields and the kids (and adults) had a great time playing in the dirt, playing wiffle ball and talking. Then the hour long fireworks show started! It was a great show - a little long for the kids, but we enjoyed it!

Digging dirt waiting on fireworks

Eli, Jessica, and Baby Emma :)

Cousins :)

Love these two :)

Ryan yelled "Look, look" and pointed like this the whole fireworks show :)
Now, to get this 4 day work week out of the way to enjoy some more fireworks and family time :)

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